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  1. When I updated my case and asked if addressed the issue:
  2. Has anyone with this issue tried the new version? I do not see anything related to hanging on finding clients in the release notes. My trouble ticket is still open and I've asked if this release addresses the issue. I'll report back if it does.
  3. I did so, and an agent replied with: "This does look like a new bug that we are investigating. For now, please keep using the 15.1 version if it is working for you. We hope to have the problem understood and resolved soon."
  4. Yes, I am seeing similar behavior. I thought it might be a one-off, but I arrived to such a hang up this morning. I've reverted as well. Proactive backups _do_ appear to continue handling missing clients, but if a script iterates through several clients, a missing client hangs the script, and blocks some others.
  5. Yes, Removable Disk is still in for Windows.
  6. DanJo, yes, I want the complete chain, but only the final result. When restoring a file from backup that has incremental blocks, only the final resulting file is wanted, not all the bits that led up to it. Transfer snapshot should do the same. If there is only one snapshot, there is no use for the history, as it cannot be parsed out anyways once the snapshot history is gone. Likely this behavior hasn't changed since I originally posted this over a year ago.
  7. 3) Create an encrypted volume using Veracrypt (Truecrypt replacement) or some other software. The volume size shouldn't be too big, enough for the private files and some growth. Drawback: user has to be signed out of the volume for the file not to be locked, and user needs to log in to the volume to use it.
  8. You could try devcon.exe. I use it to detach a removable SATA drive that has ST3500 in its name: devcon find ST3500* devcon disable ST3500* devcon remove ST3500* You may have to run as administrator, and I find I have to close Retrospect first to release its file handles or the removal says I need to restart. There is also RemoveDrive mentioned in this thread which i have used for USB drives, although it too can get stuck when a program hasn't released the drive or file/folder.
  9. I had a similar situation with the Single Server version, in doing a backup set transfer. I ended up creating a second backup member on the same disk, and it was able to complete. That was about 3-4 sessions ago (these occur weekly). It has not recurred, but I have made other changes since then (notably disabling incremental block transfer). At the time, I wondered if there was some size limit like there used to be for 2 TB drives, but it didn't match up as in your case with 700 GB.
  10. I disabled block level incremental backup, pruned out old backups and backup transfers are now working as before.
  11. I run a transfer backup once a week to a removable drive. This has worked well for quite a while as all clients will fit on one drive (500GB). However, since enabling block level incremental backup my backups no longer fit. I am selecting "Transfer all recent Snapshots" (the most recent snapshot for each source) for the script. When I browse the snapshots I see multiple copies of a file, and checking properties sometimes indicates the size on disk is small (indicating a change-only backup), but at times nearly the entire file size appears copied more than once. I only want the most recent backup. Are these two features incompatible?
  12. Unfortunately, running CHKDSK on restart does not clear this error. Would it help to install the client on the same machine as the server and run the backup through it rather than direct to the local computer?
  13. Correct, I do not have the add-on. I like to have the logs clean too, so I do have some selectors in place already, and I add more as I have the time. I snipped out some lines, but it's nice to know I can adjust the threshold. My main concern was with the REGDB errors, which may be related to doing a local backup instead of a client-based backup.
  14. Yes, the user is an administrator. I hadn't run a disk check in a while, so I've just run one on reboot. We'll have to wait for the next scheduled backup to see if it takes effect.
  15. - 01/06/2015 4:00:06 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:) Backing up 0 out of 7 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 7. ... File "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\log.txt": can't read, error -1020 ( sharing violation) VssWSetCompResult: res =1,101 Writer "COM+ REGDB Writer" backup failed, error -1101 ( file/directory not found). Component "COM+ REGDB" backup failed, error -1101 ( file/directory not found). 01/06/2015 4:10:52 AM: Snapshot stored, 252.6 MB Is there anything I can do to address the COM+ REGDB errors? They occur while backing up files on the backup server itself. This has been happening for several months since before the current version. I have Single Server
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