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can't add client (source unavailable or in use)

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took the plunge and bought r11. installed the software on our mac mini which handles all the studio backups. installed the client software on studio2's mac and added the converted r6 catalogs.


now when i try to add a source i can see the old (retro6) clients on the network as well as studio2. i click "add" and the studio2 mac is added.


now in the sources window i see the 3 drives connected to the mac mini and studio2 as a client. i can drop down the disclosure triangle and see al the drives in the studio2 mac. i click on browse, get the 'accessing source' message for a couple of seconds then the message "source unavailable or in use".


so what am i doing wrong?





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thanks lennart, you're always quick to help.


i was sure i'd uninstalled the r6 client but i double checked. i removed any trace of any client installation on the system drive and rebooted. the ran the mac mini r11 app to see if it could see any client software for studio2. it couldn't.


so i installed the r11 client software on studio2 and then tried again the see studio2 as a client. this time it saw it and i have added it.


but i get exactly the same message when i try to browse.


"source unavailable or in use"


what i did see this time was that although there was a field where i could enter the password for the client in the r11 console i wasn't given the chance to enter one. might this be it?

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I am also getting the "xSource unavailable or in use" error code for when upgrading some of the Mac's from Retrospect v11 to 11.5 when in Source using the Update feature. (But some upgrade without any hitch.) The computers are using 10.6 or 10.7. After getting that message I have logged in remotely (Apple Remote Desktop) as administrator, installed the Retrospect Client Installer, Public Key, and the Uninstaller to the target computer. I Uninstall using the script, remove retroclient.state from ~Library>Preferences and then install the Client. After installation I check that Retrospect is turned on and ready for backup. I leave myself logged in as administrator and go back to Retrospect to do the update and get the above error. I have logged off the remote computer as well and tryied to update with no successs. Any ideas as to why the computer I am trying to update is unavailable or in use?

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I have newly installed the client on 5 Mac 10.9.x clients and randomly some of them will fail to connect with the Retrospect server,  I've gone a far as to assign all 5 systems static IP's and "locate" them this way in the Retro server settings,  and still randomly every night at least 2 of them fail to communicate with the server on different days.  

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Hi, I have a similar problem.  The sources are available or in use when I log off from the client (it seems fine when I log in the client).

Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the client, and removed and add the client from the source list. What I found is that "triangles" on the left side of the server name did not appear when I logged out the client. So, I could not add sources and favorite folders. When I logged on the clients and (removed and ) add the clients in the source list, the triangular appeared and I was able to add sources, and browse folders.
Retrospect : 9.0.2 on OSX Lion
Client: OSX Mountain Lion Server, 6.3.029
My system is rather old, but I think it is not an issue.
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