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glyphco.cpp Assertion Failure

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Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 with 8GB RAM

Retrospect Multi Server v9.0.1 (110)


I have a client who is experiencing quite a number of assertion errors. He has already renamed the programdata\retrospect folder and recreated scripts, and recataloged backup sets.


This morning he received Assertion failure at "glyphco.cpp-2862"


I am attaching the assert_log.utx file.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


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This type of error can happen when Retrospect is running low on memory. How large is the backup set you are matching against? How many files/folders are on the source volume?


Do you run multiple executions?


If you check the task manager during this operation, how much RAM is Retrospect using? How much is available on the system?

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The Retrospect computer is a Windows 7 Pro workstation with 8GB RAM. The backup set is on a NAS, so is not attached to the workstation at all.


The client is going to run a recycle backup of his servers. I asked him to pause the schedule on any other scripts, so that we only have one operation running. We'll see how that goes and I will post an update.

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