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Backing up Bento databases... or not!

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This is something I've recently noticed on my backups... Due to how Retrospect backs up files, by modified dates, it doesn't seem to fully backup my Bento database (DB) file. I've also noticed that the Bento database file (in [user folder] / Library / Application Support / Bento) date has remained the same since 2009!!!


This means that Retrospect has not really done a full incremental backup since the start of the backup for that media set! An incremental only backups the log file within the DB file, which is not very helpful.


So to rectify this problem, I suggest you create a backup of the database (a feature in the Bento app, via File menu), to a folder, that will get backed up. And do it regularly, probably every week or day, depending on your backup schedule. Be warned.

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According to this article http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7880/~/moving-bento-data-between-two-computers the file is indeed in the hidden user library folder.

Hard Disk > Users > [your user account name] > Library > Application Support > Bento > bento.bentodb


So what did Michael look at? In his post he does not mention the file bento.bentodb, he only mentions the folder Bento. The folder doesn't get a new date, but the file should.

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The thing about the Bento database file, is that it is a container package file. Which obviously means files within the main file get modified, not necessarily the outer enclosing file – I know because I looked in the DB file, and there are stuff in there that were recently modified. Well, that's my experience anyhow.

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