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Jobs hanging

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I have Retrospect 10.5, running on a Mac Xserve (10.6.8) with a Quantum SuperLoader3 LTO5.


Each night I have three jobs that run copying data from SMB shares on a ReadyNAS. This has been working up until recently but now the jobs never stop running even though the log says completed:


Completed: 17 files, 2 MB
Performance: 2.2 MB/minute (1.8 copy, 3 compare)
Duration: 23:06:50 (23:05:03 idle/loading/preparing)
All three jobs have the little spinning icons, clicking stop doesn't work.
In general I've found the reliability of Retrospect getting worse and worse, normally things like not being able to assign new tapes to media sets and everything generally involves restarting the retrospect engine at some point, or restarting the server.
Whilst in general reliability has been pretty poor (jobs may run every night for a week or so and then seem to hang or stop), now it fails every time.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Is the Retrospect Engine also at version 10.5? Using older versions may cause issues.


If you are using the latest Engine for Retrospect 10.5, you may want to consider uninstalling Retrospect, the Engine, and preferences – only if no other 'fix' makes any difference. Obviously keep your catalogs in a safe place. Then reinstall from scratch, and re-setup your settings once more – to help setting up, I took screen grabs of the scripts, and all preferences, not forgetting any rules you've created or modified.

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