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v11. Source not available (Mac clients)

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Have upgraded to v11. Server is Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.2).


The 1 Windows client I have is backing up (stupidly slowly as always - 4MB/s), but all but 1 of the the Mac clients say "Source not found".


Firewall is off on server and client.


Client version is or


Any suggestions?


(Have rebooted server of course).





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I am experiencing a similar problem with two of our client machines since we upgraded from v.8 to v. 11 late last week.  I have "forgotten" the machines and am able to add them via their IP address and password, but cannot parse their drives with the "browse" button without getting the "unavailable or in use" error message.  Client machines are not running a firewall.  Have tried rebooting the client machine and turning the client Retrospect software off/on via the Sys Pref control panel.  FIrewall on the machine running Retrospect is also off and I have rebooted that machine as well.


I guess at this point I will have to uninstall and reinstall the client software on the machines and try again.  If anyone has any helpful ideas, that would be great.


I am becoming frustrated with Retrospect's apparent inability to keep track of our computers when their internal IP addresses change.  I also can't figure out why they do not appear with a multicast search and must be added via IP address.  Is there some way to avoid this problem?

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I have a client computer (iMac running 10.9.4) that can't been seen by the server after a restart. Firewall is off on both client and server.


To get the server to see the client and start backing up, on the client I have to go into Terminal and add some rules to the ipfw firewall:


sudo ipfw add 5018 allow tcp from any to any dst-port 497 in setup


To find out what is in your firewall rules, run sudo ipfw list - note this is different to the Firewall in System Preferences.


You'll have to change the 5018 in the above command to be the next one in your list, but it should be before the rule that denies everything (rules are evaluated in order from lowest to highest).


Don't know why I have to do this after every restart, but hope this helps someone.



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