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  1. Retrospect Client 14.1.0 (138), High Sierra developer beta 5 (17A330h). Turning on Retrospect in the Retrospect Client System Pref Pane give 'No network connection'. Networking for everything else is fine. No other problems with other software, just Retrospect Client. Has anyone got it to work, or is there a beta of the client that does?
  2. I'd like to be able to turn on Retrospect Client via the Command Line. (We manage several Macs via Jamf Pro). Updating the client from the server often doesn't work. I tried the command on this forum: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/18743-retrospect-client-turn-off-and-on-by-script/ but I get: execution error: System Events got an error: Can’t get window 1 of process "Retrospect Client". Invalid index. (-1719) The command isn't really what I want, I'd prefer something that does not disturb the user. What I'd like is a bash script to turn on Retrospect Client if it is off. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks, James.
  3. Thanks Lennart. Have deleted the old Media Set and re-created it. The proactive backup is running now. All looking good. Thanks again for your help. James.
  4. No, refresh never finishes. Only Proactive, have no scheduled backups. All clients on same subnet. Just re-installed the Retrospect Client on problem machine, then restarted it. Everything came up - client IP is now correct, not The Proactive Backup started. But kept getting: Additional error information for Disk Backup Set member "1-PP Backup", Can't write to file /Volumes/HD/Retrospect/PP Backup/1-PP Backup/AB000008,460.rdb, error -1,023 (already exists) [*] xopWrite: trouble writing, error -106 (data overwrite attempt) [*] xopWrite: trouble writing, error -106 (data overwrite attempt) [*] xopFlush: flush failed, error -106 (data overwrite attempt) !Trouble writing: "1-PP Backup" (553111552), error -106 (data overwrite attempt) !Trouble writing media: "1-PP Backup" error -106 (data overwrite attempt) over and over again. Have stopped the backup.
  5. Retrospect version Have a few Proactive Backups that have (Not yet determined) as their status, and it doesn't change. Even a restart of the Retrospect Backup Engine doesn't help. Or a restart of the client machine. Anyone know how to get it to make a determination? According to the Sources section of Retrospect, the source is running client version Address is for some reason. Thanks, James.
  6. Perhaps it is not actually stalled! On the Client, it says: "Backing up: 39.5 GB of 68.1 GB - 49 minutes remaining" Even though according to Retrospect on the server, Activities section, the Backup is stuck on 727.3 MB Completed, 67.4GB Remaining. So looks like it is a bug in the display on the Retrospect app. The Retrospect Engine and the client are doing their job properly. James.
  7. Getting desperate here. Something's not right. After 40 mins, 1165 files copied, but only 54MB. Told it to stop the backup. It has been on 'Cancelling execution...' for over half an hour. It's log says: + Normal backup using BSB Backup at 8/05/2017, 5:34:46 PM (Activity Thread 1) 8/05/2017 5:34:47 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set BSB Backup... - 8/05/2017 5:34:46 PM: Copying Macintosh HD on Bob Brown’s Computer Using Instant Scan data for Macintosh HD on Bob Brown’s Computer 8/05/2017 5:36:09 PM: Found: 1676073 files, 482689 folders, 637.3 GB 8/05/2017 5:37:05 PM: Finished matching Backing up 11 out of 44 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 33. 8/05/2017 5:40:53 PM: Copying: 17318 files (16.4 GB) and 2 hard links Other issues: Have changed the number of allowed activity threads from 1 to 3. But I have only one running (the one cancelling execution) and all other Proactive Backups say 'waiting for execution unit'. The Retrospect log simply says: + Retrospect version Launched at 8/05/2017 5:32:23 PM Is there a config file that is corrupt of something? Really not sure what to do next. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, James.
  8. Mac Server, Mac & PC clients. I have three backups running, but they have all stalled early on in the copy stage. Retrospect Log shows: + Retrospect version Launched at 1/05/2017 7:58:47 PM [*] Captured signal SIGPIPE! Logs for the individual backups: + Normal backup using EAB Backup at 1/05/2017, 7:59:49 PM (Activity Thread 1) 1/05/2017 8:00:13 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set EAB Backup... - 1/05/2017 7:59:49 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:) on EDWARD Using Instant Scan data for Local Disk (C:) on EDWARD 1/05/2017 8:02:06 PM: Found: 1637065 files, 51558 folders, 83.9 GB 1/05/2017 8:08:49 PM: Finished matching Backing up 9 out of 12 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 3. 1/05/2017 8:18:55 PM: Copying: 262774 files (7.7 GB) and 17 hard links + Normal backup using SecuritySpy Backup at 1/05/2017, 8:00:26 PM (Activity Thread 2) 1/05/2017 8:01:00 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set SecuritySpy Backup... - 1/05/2017 8:00:26 PM: Copying Macintosh HD on Sapphire Server DR Using Instant Scan data for Macintosh HD on Sapphire Server DR 1/05/2017 8:02:33 PM: Found: 905426 files, 207607 folders, 428.5 GB 1/05/2017 8:05:33 PM: Finished matching Backing up 5 out of 31 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 26. 1/05/2017 8:11:48 PM: Copying: 103562 files (69 GB) and 1 hard links [*] soccSend: send failed, err 32 + Normal backup using Mail Backup at 1/05/2017, 8:01:00 PM (Activity Thread 3) 1/05/2017 8:02:04 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Mail Backup... - 1/05/2017 8:01:00 PM: Copying Macintosh SSD on mail.bordo.com.au1 1/05/2017 8:21:37 PM: Found: 1805110 files, 143947 folders, 388.2 GB 1/05/2017 8:22:39 PM: Finished matching Backing up 22 files using block level incremental backup. 1/05/2017 8:25:29 PM: Copying: 16287 files (9.5 GB) and 1102 hard links [*] soccRecv: connection unexpectedly closed, error 35 Note, the last entries are over 14 hours ago. The EAB Backup shows status of 'Copying Local Disk (C:)' and has only completed 118MB of 7.6GB. The SecuritySpy Backup is showing 'Closing', as is Mail Backup. Just noticed that the PC is running version 11 of the client. Maybe that's the problem. Will update it and see. Any other suggestions?
  9. Ended up deleting the Media Set in the GUI, then deleting it and the catalog from the HD in the Finder. Recreated Media Set and added new member to it.
  10. I have the same issue. Some media sets have lost members, so backups don't start. Upgrading to 13.5.0 (173) didn't fix things. Trying to re-add them gives me a File/Directory not found error (-1101).
  11. For some reason I have a media set that has lost its connection to its member. So I click on the '+' to add a new member. I can't get it to add the existing member, get the File/directory not found (-1101) error. See attached screenshot. For some reason I have many nested folders. It doesn't matter which folder I select, I get the same error when I click on Add. Retrospect 13.0.1 (106) Any ideas? Thanks, James.
  12. I clicked Cancel, then was able to remove them in smaller groups. Perhaps there was a Backup Script running on one of the Media Sets which had backups I was trying to delete. All removed now.
  13. I now have a dialog asking to confirm removal of the backups. I have already clicked on Remove and it did the spinning icon as if it was working. It was like this for ages. Then I noticed that it now has 'MacRequestor:...remote endpoint' in red above the buttons. See attached screenshot. Clicking on Remove button doesn't seem to do anything. I am stuck at this dialog. The Console app also lost connection to the server, as I saw it doing the Sync thing. James.
  14. Thanks Maser. The Unlock icon is greyed out, so I suppose it is already unlocked. Never noticed the 'Past Backups' section - I just assumed that it could be done from the list of backup in the Media Sets section. Removing 24 backups now (taking a long time!); will then groom the media sets. Thanks for your help Maser & Lennart. James.
  15. I'm running 13.0.1 and can't see an option anywhere to delete past backups. Or do you mean, Maser, delete the .rdb files in the Finder?
  16. Thanks Lennart. Yeah, he got a new computer - his old one was called "Peter-Psarros-MBP-Computer". He only has one HD called 'Macintosh HD'. So how to delete all put the two most recent Backups? Thanks, James.
  17. Version 13.0.1 (106) I have a Media Set with 'Groom to keep this number of backups: 2' set. But the Backups tab shows six. See attached screenshot. I Groomed the media set, but still have 6 backups, not 2. The Groom complete successfully - no errors: + Executing Grooming at 29/07/2016, 1:42:38 PM (Activity Thread 1) Grooming Backup Set PP Backup, optimizing for storage... 29/07/2016 1:42:40 PM: Execution completed successfully I feel I'm missing something or something has got corrupted. Any ideas? Thanks, James.
  18. Retrospect server is 12.5.0 (111) on Mac OS 10.11.3. Trying to retrieve files after an SSD died, but I get: + Executing Retrieve Backup at 15/02/2016, 5:41:37 PM (Activity Thread 1) From Backup Set SecuritySpy Backup... 15/02/2016 5:41:53 PM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 1 files, 0 B Performance: 0 MB/minute Duration: 00:00:14 Any suggestions as to how I get my files back? Thanks, James.
  19. Hi Mayoff. Yes, did clean install. Had to re-add client on the server. Server said execution completed successfully for yesterday's backup, so it's all working. Just nothing in the menubar.
  20. OK, El Capitan is nearing release, but still no Retrospect icon in the menu bar. Is there a beta Retrospect client available? James.
  21. OK. I'll answer my own question! Uninstalling Retrospect Client and re-installing it fixed the problem. (Retrospect status is not showing in Menu Bar, but that's a small thing.) James.
  22. Running Developer Preview 3. Turned Retrospect on using the Preference Pane, but it still says that Retrospect Client is off. Console shows: 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.0 instead of 10.11.0. This is not a bug in Gestalt -- it is a documented limitation. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number. Call location: 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 0 CarbonCore 0x00007fff8ae56ccb ___Gestalt_SystemVersion_block_invoke + 113 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 1 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff8bbd3c11 _dispatch_client_callout + 8 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 2 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff8bbd3b09 dispatch_once_f + 67 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 3 CarbonCore 0x00007fff8ade2b97 _Gestalt_SystemVersion + 987 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 4 CarbonCore 0x00007fff8ade1e2b Gestalt + 139 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 5 retroclient 0x0000000100023bf0 GestaltGetSystemVersion + 28 10/7/2015 5:41:34.867 PM retroclient[4708]: 6 retroclient 0x0000000100023c45 InitMacUtils + 17 10/7/2015 5:41:34.878 PM sudo[4710]: root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/gzip /var/log/retroclient.log Repeated over and over. retroclient.log says: 2015-07-10T17:44:55: Client version is 2015-07-10T17:44:55: sopsFileLoad: can't read state file "/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state" 2015-07-10T17:44:55: SopsLoad: no public key, return -1.! 2015-07-10T17:44:55: DoSopsLoad: !isSetPass and no PubKey, exit 2015-07-10T17:44:55: First access password not set, use retroclient -setpass 1436514295: LogFlush: program exit(-1) called, flushing log file to disk Client version is 12.0.2 (116). Any beta that works with El Capitan? Any other suggestions? Thanks, James.
  23. I have a client computer (iMac running 10.9.4) that can't been seen by the server after a restart. Firewall is off on both client and server. To get the server to see the client and start backing up, on the client I have to go into Terminal and add some rules to the ipfw firewall: sudo ipfw add 5018 allow tcp from any to any dst-port 497 in setup To find out what is in your firewall rules, run sudo ipfw list - note this is different to the Firewall in System Preferences. You'll have to change the 5018 in the above command to be the next one in your list, but it should be before the rule that denies everything (rules are evaluated in order from lowest to highest). Don't know why I have to do this after every restart, but hope this helps someone. James.
  24. Server is on a Mac, version is 11.0.1 (110). Client is version 11.0.0 (191). In Activity Monitor it shows RetroISA using 7.25GB of Memory (5.36GB of Real Memory). See attached screenshot. Seems a little high to me! It's just idle at the moment - not doing a backup. The client is a late-2013 Mac Pro running Yosemite beta 4 (i.e. OS X 10.10).
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