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Restored disk has lock icon on it, can't boot from it...?


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It seems that after restoring a mac os startup disk to an external drive, the disk is unbeatable for some reason. I guess the lock symbol in the corner of the disk icon is a clue. Does anyone know how to unlock this disk or make it so I can boot from it? The restore was otherwise successful as far as I can tell.


Any tips?



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OK. still not able to boot from the restored startup disk. I get an error that the "Building boot caches on boot helper partition failed." The restored disk is a Snow Leopard partition, but the current startup disk is Mountain Lion. Any clues there? Also, I notice that there are two folders in the Snow Leopard disk that have silver locks on them. The folders with locks are called dev and net.

Could that also be a clue as to why I cannot startup from this disk?


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