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File selection criteria problems


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We take backup on a customers d:\backup. In to this D:\backup the customer has a script that moves all database files to this area and is saved for 3 Days. So there is always 3 copys of every database in this location


ex database1 created 2013-11-07

database1 created 2013-11-06

database1 created 2013-11-05


The customer only wants us to backup the last file every day.

So in this example only database1 that is created 2013-11-07.


I have tried numerous different approaches in under script/selecting. Selecting for ex include create date = today, exclude create date is Before 1 day prior to today

The same but whith modiy date, and I tried selecting one line for each day I wanted to exclude.

But all 3 files are always backed up.


Any idéas ??






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On the database server there is a job running that zippes all the new files and copies them to the d:\backup location and files older then 3 days are deletet,

And we are backing up the d:\backup location but the customer only wants that we backup the latest file not all 3 copies.

They pay per GB and do not want to pay for tripple amount of GB.

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You still haven't said what the backup method and destination of the zipped files is.


Another approach may be If the client is able to modify their backup script to append a specific tag (e.g. -BackupOffSite-) to the name of the most recent backup file then Retrospect can be set to only select files that contain that specific tag. When the client's backup script next runs as part of the file management task that deletes the oldest backup it would then rename the file to remove the appended tag. (The reverse of appending a tag to the two oldest files and excluding them from a backup based on the tag would also be a valid approach. This may be easier to script.)

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Not sure what u mean.


Whether you were doing a normal backup, recycle backup, duplicate, etc.



The backup method is a normal file backup. Backupset keeps 14 backups.


If Retrospect is working correctly and the client is not changing the two older backups in any way then Retrospect should only copy the most recent backup file as the other two will already exist in the backup set. The older two will always appear in snapshot for the backup but unless they have been changed they should not be copied again. To see what is actually copied for a backup check the session log for that backup on the Session tab in the backup set properties dialog.

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