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  1. Hi, Just a quick guestion. I have read through the requirements of Retrospect backing up an Exchangeserver. But I can´t find out if the Retrospect server needs to be in the same domain as the exchangeserver or can the Retrospecterver be outside the domain and only have network access to it ?? Thanks in advanced! /GiZmo
  2. Hmm, I´m looking för exclision ion the client but i Cant find wher they are... And I dint think that the problem i there, se my previus post....
  3. I tried to rename the config files and set it up fresh, 2 of 4 folders that is selected had their files backed up, the other 2 "no files need to be copied", i put 1 new file in each of the 4 folders, and ran the bacjkup again, all 4 came back with " no files need to be copied" This is really frustrating... to rename the condig files was restrospect supports suggestion...
  4. I have another retrospect server version 7.7, i tried to backup this client from there but at I get the same thing, No files need to be copied.
  5. Thanks, I have started a support ticket to. Hope they have a solutions. I tried here also, mayby anyone have any suggestion that I haven´t tried yet .... //Maria
  6. Hi, I resently found out that one of our backup sets didn´t show any used space, I found that odd, I started looking around and i saw that no files have been backed up for weeks! No errors or warnings in the history. Everything has looked just fine, no indication what so ever that there has been problems with the backupset. I started a clean new backup to the klient, new bakcupset, new script etc etc. And the klient is restarted. There are 4 folders that we backup, the first one after a clean start was backed up properly but the other 3 folder had the same "no files need to be copied" And when I ran a new backup all 4 folders gave the same "no files need.....". In the backup script I select "All Files", and when I check Selector all the files are beeing counted, but when the backup runs no file is backed up. Any idéas ? Greatful for a quick response! //Maria
  7. We have a Multi server 8.5.0 and I need to buy a open file licens, anyone know if I OpenFile 9.0 i compatible with multiserver 8.5 ?? or do I have to upgrade the whole server to 9.0 ?? Thanks in advanced ! //Maria
  8. Not sure what u mean. The backup method is a normal file backup. Backupset keeps 14 backups. The customer do not want to modify their script. So my question is how I in "Manage script\Selection" so that only the latest of the files are backed up.
  9. On the database server there is a job running that zippes all the new files and copies them to the d:\backup location and files older then 3 days are deletet, And we are backing up the d:\backup location but the customer only wants that we backup the latest file not all 3 copies. They pay per GB and do not want to pay for tripple amount of GB.
  10. We take backup on a customers d:\backup. In to this D:\backup the customer has a script that moves all database files to this area and is saved for 3 Days. So there is always 3 copys of every database in this location ex database1 created 2013-11-07 database1 created 2013-11-06 database1 created 2013-11-05 The customer only wants us to backup the last file every day. So in this example only database1 that is created 2013-11-07. I have tried numerous different approaches in under script/selecting. Selecting for ex include create date = today, exclude create date is Before 1 day prior to today The same but whith modiy date, and I tried selecting one line for each day I wanted to exclude. But all 3 files are always backed up. Any idéas ?? Thanks!
  11. But the thing is when I look at other backupsets that we groom after 14 Days (backups) they to have rdb files from when the backupset first was created and run.
  12. This is what I have under More Snapshots
  13. This it what it Lookes like. Only 3 backups are shown.
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