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Duplicate Catalog files *After* backup runs - scheduling puzzle


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I have backups that run every night at 10:00 pm. My weekly recycles will take over 24 hrs to run. My nightly normal backups will take less than half an hour. I'd like to schedule a Duplicate script that duplicates the catalog file to an external disk after the backups run. However, if I schedule it for midnight, it will kick off while the recycle backup is running (if I leave Retrospects ability to run multiple executions at once in Preferences). I don't really want to schedule it for 25 hours later, because a normal backup has run in the meantime.


There seems to be several ways in theory to get this to work:


1) set the number of Execution Units to "1" in retrospect preferences, and schedule the duplicate for 11pm - this way, only one Execution will run at a time, and the duplicate will wait until the Recycles and Normals are done.


2) a more elegant way would be to have the Recycle and Normal scripts be able to call the duplicate script after they complete. I don't think this currently available - Is it? It would be nice.


3) it would also be nice to have a script be able to call a windows script upon completion, and I could set up a RoboCopy script to duplicate the catalog files on script completion. I also don't think this is possible. Is it?


So, any other ideas on how to get the duplicate to run right after the backups without turning Executions down to 1?


- eric



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You should be able to schedule the backups and copy script to a specific activity thread, say number 4. That way they will execute in sequence, while other backups may run on the other activity threads.

That looks great, but I can't find that dialog box, or that choice anywhere. Is it in script options?

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