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  1. Thanks David! Great to see I have followers. I've used Retrospect on about 30-40 servers in office environments since the days of TEAC cassette tapes. I've run in on over a dozen windows servers and more Mac servers. I always liked the Windows version better, but I've move all of my Windows clients to Veeam because it seems infinitely more reliable and mature. I still run Retrospect in mac environments, and I keep my clients current on their maintenance, so all of them run the latest shipping version. Believe me, when a update comes out, I install it and hope things get better. In my opinion, the switch from Retrospect 6 to Retrospect 8 was a very large step down in reliability, and I believe they are still issuing "patches" for that. But they are patches that are packaged and sold as expensive upgrades. I work with a team of IT support professionals, and we all feel similarly about Retrospect - it needs constant babysitting, the UI is erratic, adding and working with client computers in the server is glacially slow, clients often stop communicating with the server, the server engine often needs restarting, or the host OS rebooted. But hey, I restored a client's data yesterday, so I'm glad this was one week that Retrospect did not stop working between my weekly check-ins. So, what version are you using?
  2. Consider this video as I attempt to tag the source for 24 hour backup.To me, this completely sums up how confident I am in Retrospect. <redacted> Sure, I might get there in the end, but when I click on to another source, and back to this one, Retrospect has put the tag check boxes where it sees fit. Does it even matter? Retrospect still thinks that when I say"once a day, every day" it can backup proactive clients, oh, about every seven days. That is, when it remembers them, and the client doesn't need to be reinstalled and re-added to Retrospect. Or when the engine doesn't need restarting.
  3. For what it's worth, sales has hinted to me for years (since v8 or earlier) that this was "maybe in the next release"... Ha! I think they are just trying to sell my clients ASM maintenance. I'm also a bit wary. V8 on Mac was the major overhaul on that platform, and now at v12 it still feels like beta to me.
  4. Yes, I would like to know if the speed improvements required the selecting of Block Level Incremental Backup option. And if so, it would only be incrementals that are faster. That would be nice to know.
  5. Hello! I'm trying to build my disaster recovery DVD per the instructions in the manual. During the Emergency Recovery Disk creation, you can click a link in the wizard to download the Windows Automated Installation Kit. That link takes you to a download for WAIK for Windows 7. My server is Windows 2003. Does this matter? Will the disk created still work? thanks! - eric ---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+ from the manua (pg 372)l: Before you create an ISO image, make sure you have the following items: ▪ The Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) installed on the computer where you will be running the Disaster Recovery wizard. Retrospect will give you the option to download the Windows AIK during the process.
  6. windows automated installation kit

  7. So I'm struggling with how to regularly copy my Retrospect catalog files from the default location where they are all stored, to the external disks we use for backup. This way, in case of disaster, I don't have to recreate the catalogs - they are right there on the disks. Why not have the catalogs created right on the backups disks with their corresponding backup sets? Is this in any way inadvisable? Pros? Cons? thanks, - eric
  8. I don't have that selection box in my Disk-To-Disk version. Perhaps it has been taken out of D to D.
  9. That looks great, but I can't find that dialog box, or that choice anywhere. Is it in script options?
  10. Hello! I have backups that run every night at 10:00 pm. My weekly recycles will take over 24 hrs to run. My nightly normal backups will take less than half an hour. I'd like to schedule a Duplicate script that duplicates the catalog file to an external disk after the backups run. However, if I schedule it for midnight, it will kick off while the recycle backup is running (if I leave Retrospects ability to run multiple executions at once in Preferences). I don't really want to schedule it for 25 hours later, because a normal backup has run in the meantime. There seems to be several ways in theory to get this to work: 1) set the number of Execution Units to "1" in retrospect preferences, and schedule the duplicate for 11pm - this way, only one Execution will run at a time, and the duplicate will wait until the Recycles and Normals are done. 2) a more elegant way would be to have the Recycle and Normal scripts be able to call the duplicate script after they complete. I don't think this currently available - Is it? It would be nice. 3) it would also be nice to have a script be able to call a windows script upon completion, and I could set up a RoboCopy script to duplicate the catalog files on script completion. I also don't think this is possible. Is it? So, any other ideas on how to get the duplicate to run right after the backups without turning Executions down to 1? - eric
  11. Hello, I have Retrospect single server for Windows running in many of my client's offices (various v6s and 7s). I'd like to have Retrospect always run in the user "RBU" 's Terminal Services session. As such, the on-site users can RDC into the server as RBU for weekly disk changes, and I can remote in from off-site as RBU and check status. In the Retrospect preferences, I always check the box Preferences > Execution > Security > "Run Retrospect in the Terminal Services Session". I also check "Always run Retrospect as the specified user", and enter the username and password for user RBU. Well, as I understand it, this NEVER WORKS. I always have to RDC into the server as RBU and launch Retrospect there manually to have it running in the RBU Terminal Services session. If I let Retrospect launch by itself for a scheduled event (such as after a scheduled reboot), it ALWAYS launches in the console session. Therefore, my clients open their RDC shortcut (launching a Terminal Services session), and there is NO RETROSPECT because it is running in console. I found one forum post suggesting I have to edit the retrospect launcher service, and have it launch as the rbu user. I tried this, and it still does not work. Can somebody please let me know what I'm doing wrong? I hope I'm just overlooking something. Getting this figured out would eliminate a lot of heartache. thanks, - eric
  12. One additional observation - even when I create a new media set, I get a "Select the volumes you want to mount on "serverName" dialog box for *every* share I have defined in my Source list. Even though a new media set is not associated with *any* source at its creation.
  13. Hello, I am using Retrospect 10. I have created a couple new Sources of type "Share" (Sources > Add > Share) on Mac 10.5 computers. I enter the required info: - Share address: afp://serverName/shareName - tick "Registered User" - enter valid credentials in Name and Password fields The Source is created with no complaint. When I go to browse the contents of this new source, the mac dialog pops up "Select the volumes you want to mount on "serverName". The correct share is highlighted in the list, but you have to click OK for the operation to proceed. This is the typical mac dialog when you connect to a share and don't specify the share name. But in the creation of this source, I clearly specified the shareName, and the name of it in the Retrospect source list is the shareName. Similarly, when I run a manual backup and select this share as a source, the same dialog pops up, and nothing happens until I click OK to select the share. My scripted backups using these sources are hanging until these dialogs are dismissed. Why is Retrospect not properly mounting these shares? Thanks for any insight. - eric
  14. UPDATE: oh... OH! I just gleaned from another post that tag reporting only works if the top-level *source* is tagged, not if a favorite folder is tagged. This, obviously, is fairly useless considering how rare it is to designate an entire source for backup. I hope Retrospect will address this shortcoming. So, to clarify, I can get a tag report to work IF the entire source is tagged.
  15. oh... OH! I just gleaned from another post that tag reporting only works if the top-level *source* is tagged, not if a favorite folder is tagged. This, obviously is fairly useless considering how rare it is to designate an entire source for backup. I hope Retrospect will address this shortcoming. So, to clarify, I can get a tag report to work IF the entire source is tagged.
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