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Where did the client "Priority" slider go in 8.2.0 (177)


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OK I'm still running server 7.7.114 at this time, but have upgraded by client version to 8.2.0 (177) so maybe that's the problem. I did this though, because I like the new client much better as it actually places an icon in the Windows notification bar that lets me know when a backup ran, or if it didn't run for a few days.  In the older version, Windows would blow up your screen with a UAC notification that you had to allow to see the message and that was ANNOYING to have to go through the UAC process which was like a mini display change to view the message and revert back.


So, as my setup is (server 7.7.114 and client 8.2.0) I currently don't see a "Priority" slider option anymore on the client side.  Also, the clients I did upgrade to 8.2.0 clients show up on the server with only 20% priority by default.  When they we're running 7.7.114 we had set them to 80% priority so I'm not sure why it chose to default to 20%.  If anything, it should have set to the default, which used to be 100%, if I'm not mistaken?    


Has the priority slider been removed in version 8.2.0, is it a bug in the 8.2.0 client for the priority and/or is this just an inconsistency in my case because the server version is older than the client version?











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The priority slider was removed in the Retrospect 8 client.  While the Retrospect 7 client includes a priority slider UI, the slider bar is "disconnected" and doesn't do anything. It was a legacy UI element for a feature removed many years ago.


The 80% or 20% priority you see is actually a cosmetic bug. Backup priority is dynamic and changes automatically based on the activity on the computer. 

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