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Automatic increse disk

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I have looked around but I can´t find any info.


I´m wondering if the new version of Retrospect allows backup sets to automatic increse diskspace when they run out of space (after a groom hase been done ofcourse) ??


And, do you still have to make a separate groom job that deletes older data then for ex 14 restore points ?





Thanks in advance!


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Retrospect will not automatically add disks (e.g. "members") to a backup set, and it won't go beyond the % you've specified as available from each member for Retrospect to use -- even if there is more available space on that member.


Grooming:  if you have specified you want to retain, say, 20 snapshots then Retrospect will retain 20 snapshots (see Snapshots tab when viewing backup set properties) if you've allocated enough space for it to do so.   These are your "active" snapshots.  It will also retain a number of snapshots beyond what you've specified you want retained --- again, *if* you've allocated enough space for it to do so (see the Snapshots tab, and then the Add button, to see those additional, "inactive" snapshots).  In other words it doesn't groom out inactive snapshots if there's space for them.  If Retrospect detects space is getting tight then it will start automatically grooming out the inactive snapshots as needed.  It will not groom out active snapshots; it'll just quit taking any more data and hopefully pop up a message that it needs more space.


When viewing the Members tab in snapshot properties it tells you how much space is "free" (in GB and in %).  What I don't know is if that figure includes the inactive snapshots along with the, in this example, 20 active snapshots.

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