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  1. Thanks, guys. Now to my next challenge: to find out why I'm still marked here as a "newbie" even though we've been using Retrospect since the days it was an EMC product...
  2. We inadvertently appended a backup to those tapes that should have gone to a different backup set. The tapes it used to do that I wanted to free up again, but can't tell which tape the incorrect job started on. No quick, easy way to tell, evidently. Thanks.
  3. Am I correct that there is no way to see what backup data is on a particular tape in a tape set? I would like to mark as "missing" a couple tapes at the end of the backup set (though they aren't really missing), but I don't know where the last backup ends that I want to keep on the tape set. Dan J
  4. I second what Lennart said. We live in both the Restrospect and Rapid Recovery worlds. Particularly when the system is capable of bare metal restores, one of the best things that ever happened to us was the fact that Rapid Recovery does not allow the admin to pick and choose any files to include or omit; that is just too big an opening for human error. You must back up all files on a volume, or none. Yes, it will require more backup disk capacity but that is the trade-off for the extra insurance against human error that this affords. And as most of us who have been in this business awhile know, human error needs no invitation, it walks in and tries to wreak havoc whenever it gets the chance.
  5. The forum has showed me as a "newbie" since we became a Retrospect customer in 2008. What's it take to no longer be called a newbie?

  6. The following sentence in this link may explain what you observed: "When transferring snapshots or backup sets containing block level incremental backups of a file, the complete chain of prior increments leading to and including the full version of that file is automatically transferred."
  7. The screen did come to life a couple more times and then finished successfully. I was able to successfully boot the Surface Pro 3 thereafter. Nice.
  8. Lennart, So it sounds like I definitely want to keep my hands off the Stop button and just let the Restore Wizard finish those two steps. Thanks, Lennart.
  9. Does anyone know how long a wait there may be after a bare metal restore reaches 100% before the screen indicates the job is complete? After a half hour the *Stop* button is still enabled but I'm afraid to click it. The device to which I am restoring is a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1. There's also a *Finish* button on the client (Retrospect BMR Boot CD program) but I'm not sure I should click that in order for the Retrospect restore to finish... Dan
  10. The performance hit is on the defrag software, not Retrospect. Microsoft defrag want 15% free space to do its thing, Auslogics wants 10% free space. Otherwise they suggest not running them until that amount of space is available. Ultradefrag, at some point, will have the same problem, as indicated under General Usage in their FAQ.
  11. The reason for wanting to do this is its a handy way (compared to rearranging things via Retrospect) to free up space on a disk that has become too full for defrag to run, for instance. The correct, longer term solution is of course to allocate space to Retrospect in such a way that there's *always* available space on the volume. I had failed to do so in the case of the one disk volume. My testing confirms your suspicion that this won't work. The rebuild announces that the first volume of the two volume backup set is either corrupt or is from another set, and kicks it out of the set. Ah, well. it's something I've wondered about for years. Next time I'll just transfer the backup set to a new backup set in which space has been properly allocated. Thanks for your response, Lennart. You've been a valuable member of the newsgroup.
  12. A related question: If I have a backup set spread across two drives can I move, say, the last 5 RDB files from the first drive in the backup set to the 2nd drive in the backup set and then do a rebuild? (Note: I've have learning that this technique won't work if you take RDB files from the middle of the first drive in the backup set and move them to the 2nd drive in the backup set. Rebuild doesn't like that.)
  13. You're not alone. Our response to this Retrospect shortcoming is to backup our large collection of PST files only once a week and to only retain the two most recent of those weekly backups. The bottom line is that Retrospect is poorly suited for large files in which only a few bytes change from day to day. Restated, Retrospect needs modern deduplication capability but I doubt that lies in the near future, given that we've hoped for deduplication capability for the six or eight years we've used this product but it hasn't happened.
  14. Caution: We have found USB drives to be bad news when used in association with Retrospect.
  15. Years ago we had bad luck doing Retrospect backups to servers across the network. The suggestion by tech support was that our network was not "robust", though they couldn't tell us in what way it was not robust. Our solution was to stopping backup up to targets across the network from Retrospect. I suspect that what is not robust is Retrospect's ability to compensate for network slow-downs, etc. that may normally occur across networks? If you do not have similar problems backing up to disks on the Retrospect server itself then maybe similar causes are afflicting you?
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