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unattendended notification of problems in retrospect

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recently I had the error:


" -40 (file positioning error)...Trouble writing: “tape name here”,...error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.)".


it is very rare but i have seen this before ,i assume it means that the tape itself is not working correctly (and i always keep my heads clean), and so when i switch in a new tape retrospect continues on. unfortunatly i was out of the office for a full day so no backup occurred nor did any other scheduled executions.


i have 2 questions:


1. when this error occurs retrospect waits until an operator gives the software a new tape. is there anyway to have retrospect email (or other method) a notification that attention is needed?


2. should i be expect to be able to pick anything up from the failed tape (the tape has 4.5gb on it according to the configure backup sets menu) or is it best to mark it as missing and move on?





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Retrospect for Macintosh supports Applescript. This allows you to write a script that will email you for things like media requests. There are actually a few email notification scripts that are already available in the Retrospect application folder under "Applescript Utilities". This is also covered in the tools section of the user manual.


Tapes store data linearly so chances are any data that was stored up to the bad spot is fine. However a 206 error may indicate a tape that has started to fail. It may progressively get worse later. In other words it is best not to trust the tape - set it missing in the configure -> backup sets window of Retrospect.



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