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Oracle Database backups

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As a former Dantz employee (Tech Support) I know that any product that Dantz develops is given tremendous amount of attention, and forethought...Let me express a market need for the backup/recovery of Oracle databases.




The Oracle world would flock to a simple method of backing up and recovering


Oracle databases. Currently, the status quo is a hodge-podge of UNIX shell scripts


that interface with the Oracle RMAN utility, or using the Oracle Enterprise Manager,


which is absolutely miserable, and error-prone. Using Dant'z snapshot technology, I


can imagine a product that would provide the following:




- Point-in-time recovery: Choose a particular time, and say "recover" and the database will automatically be set back to that time.




- Validation of existing backups




- ability to backup/restore multiple Oracle databases in one fell swoop.




If Dantz would like more detail on Oracle's RMAN utility, or has any specific questions about this, I would be happy to answer them. I would be *ecstatic* if Dantz would consider this. Dennis? RZ? Anyone? : - )




Craig Glendenning













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