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recommened machine spec

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I'm planing to buy the server version and was wondering about the recommended spec, I'm planning to upgrade from 5.0


I have read the minimum spec (256mb ram and 200mb hhdd space)from the information on the site but it does not state what speed of the processor and what is the recommended minimum spec.

I am backing Mac OSx, classic macs and different windows servers running as file and web servers.


what are users current setup with multiserver ? are there any more issues with backing up other OSx machines and are there any more of those anoying "Out of memeory" errors in for nacking up OSx machines ?



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Retrospect uses memory like any Unix process so memory errors are unlikely even with small amounts of Ram.


For reference I run Retrospect 6.0 and OSX 10.3 on a powerbook G3 400 with 196 MB of RAM. Backups to a file backup set with compression on run about 70 MB/ min at best.


Any new machine you can get from Apple will do a fine Job running the backup. However, more is certainly better for CPU and RAM.



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