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SQL license won't release

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Yesterday afternoon I discovered that the Retrospect config file was apparently hosed because Retrospect acted like a new install. Fun times!

Anyway, I'm resetting my backups, clients, and licensing. I inadvertently applied my SQL license to the wrong instances on SQL. However, when I right-click on the licensed instance, select licensing, and clieck OK to Release database license, nothing happens. I've done it multiple times, exited and restarted Retrospect, but the license won't release.


Any hints?


FYI - Running 7.7 multi-server with Value Pack and Exchange support for 2003-2010. The server it is running on is Windows Server 2008



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Hi John

Do you have both a SQL and Exchange service installed on that server ?


I've the same problem. In our Retrospect 8.1 Server the Exchange 2010 server is occupying a SQL server license and if I try to release this license from this server nothing happen. The SQL server I want to license is on another client machine. On the Exchange 2010 server a SQL server backup is not necessary. How do I release the SQL Agent license?


Thx & Bye Tom

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We fixed this problem by deleting the Exchange Client in Retrospect, assigning the SQL Server license to the SQL server and add the Exchange server back to Retrospect server. We spoke to Retrospect support and got the answer that this behavior is a bug and should become fixed in one of the next minor release updates...



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