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  1. Okay, in another thread I could read that a transfer snapshot script does not run in this error and it actually seems to be so. So I have a workaround but a backup software that you can't trust isn't worth a penny. Retrospect doesn't seem to care much either, because I've found threads that have been discussing this problem since version 10. Unbelievable... Thx & Bye Tom
  2. Hi David, we are using Version 12.6.1 for Windows, the Client Version is 12.5.0, both on Windows Server 2008 R2. For transfer the backup set from disk to tape I configured a Transfer-Backup-Set script, select one disk backup set as source and antother tape backup set as destination and left the script options in default settings. This means that in the script options are 'all files' selected and in the 'Advanced Option' tab are 'all files included' and 'no exclusions' configured. The script was eexecuted as a recycling script and the target tape backup set was created new. Thx & Bye Tom
  3. HI Community, we have now recovered a volume to determine if any data will reappear after recovery but some data is actually missing. As shown in the screenshot below, the entire folder Bilder_1121' is missing in the recovered volume. And this continous through the entire backup. This is frightening and a really serious problem.
  4. Hi Community, I transfer data between a disk backup set and a tape backup set as final destination and somehow the total amount of data on the tape backup set is not eaqual to the source backups set. There are more than 100GB data missing. I couldn't find any setting in the backup script who explains this difference like deplucation. What is going on? Thx & Bye Tom
  5. Hi Community, we changed our single server Exchange setup into a DAG with two servers in an active/passive setup. I read the Exchange agent manual but the only thing I figured out is that we need just a license for each Exchange server to backup, but no further information about backup a DAG was available. So I've a few questions: 1) Is it possible to backup only the passive node in a DAG envirionment? 2) How does Retrospect deal with the transaction logs? 3) Are there some No-goes which are not present in a regular one server setup. Currently we are using Retrospect and Exchange 2010 Standard RU15 Thx & Bye Tom
  6. Hi Lennart, got it, thanks. For my particular problem the Retrospect support recommends to trash the config file but I prefer a regular fresh installation for that. The manual describes the procedure at least with keeping the catalog files and backups sets, very good this is the minimum requirement but it would be really great to keep the scripts also, otherwise I have to print each script to keep in line with the former schedule. There is no way to extract the scripts, I guess? BTW: I can use the license keys which are displayed in the license manager again or do I have to request new keys? Thx & Bye Tom
  7. Hi Community, I have to reinstall Retrospect for some reason, is it possible to keep the backup sets and catalog files? And how do I setup Retrospect to use the former catalog files and backup sets? Thx in advance & Bye Tom
  8. Servus Lennart, puh I try to avoid this because the affected volume is the largest volume we have with about 1,5 TB data. But I counted the files listed in the single backup runs, started with the full backup on sunday and each incremental and at least the file count is equal in both backup sets. I think I will open a support ticket on monday. I report the results asap, if there are any... Thx & Bye Tom
  9. Hi Community, today I did a deeper look into the result of a transfer from a disk backup set to a tape backup set instead only a plausibility check. I found out that the count of files and amount of data differs. I transfer three disk backup sets, one for each server partition, to one tape backup set. In one of these backup sets are more than 10.000 files with 150 GB data missing in the tape backup set, if I compare the log file of the transfer and the properties of the source backup set: http://wiki.prontosystems.de/animation/retrospect/Retrospect_01.png But if I create the sum of files both the target backup set and the source backup set I get the same result http://wiki.prontosystems.de/animation/retrospect/Retrospect_02.png And if I compare the properties of the target and the source backup set I get the same count of files but around 150 GB are missing: http://wiki.prontosystems.de/animation/retrospect/Retrospect_03.png http://wiki.prontosystems.de/animation/retrospect/Retrospect_04.png Does anyone know where the missing data is or why I get different results? Note: There is no deduplication enabled: http://wiki.prontosystems.de/animation/retrospect/Retrospect_05.png Note: The volume where the data is missing is an AFP Share on a Windows based file server (ExtremeZ-IP). Like Apple style there are many extended attributes / alternate data streams in the volume. I don't know if Retrospect has different ways to determine the file count but 150 GB extended attributes is quite impossible, so there is something wrong, I think. Thx in advance & Bye Tom
  10. Hi Community, today we made the experience to work with a desaster recovery on an Exchange server 2010 SP3. We have a broken hardware and reinstalled the Exchange server on a virtual machine with the RecoveryServer switch from the Exchange setup and restored the databases from a Retrospect Exchange backup into the new server. The databases and transaction logs are located on a E:\ partition. The restore works as long as we restored databases which are smaller than the free space on the C:\ partition is. It seems that Retrospect does first a restore on the C:\ partition and after this is complete it copies the database to it's originial destination. If the free space on the C:\ partition is smaller than the largest database, the C:\ partition is running out of free space and the restore terminates with an error "Disk full". So it is a normal behavior that the databases are not located on the C:\ Partition. It is best practice recommended from Microsoft to move the datadases on another partition. So how can we avoid this problem that Retrospect ist doing a temp restore first on the C:\ partition? This is a critical question... Thx & Bye Tom
  11. Servus Lennart, the installation of the minor release update to version 9.5 didn't solve my problem so that was the reason why I thought a fresh install would be the next step in my troubleshooting. But first I can give an inplace upgrade a chance, I've nothing to loose... Thx & Bye Tom
  12. Hi Community, because of some problems with Retrospect I wish to upgrade from version 9 to version 10 with a fresh install. Is it possible to keep the scripts, catalouge files and backup sets? Or is an inplace upgrade as good as a fresh installation when changing a major release? Thx & Bye Tom
  13. Servus Johnny, Okay since we had to buy a service contract with the last version it should be no problem to get the new version 10.x. For something should that "must have contract" supposed to be good ;-) Thx & Bye Tom
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