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2k pro client: 517 error

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Evaluating Retrospect, hoping we can both use and recommend to many clients around the world. Finding a number of strange/painful problems.




Here's our #1 current issue (several posts will follow with others):




Bottom Line: I'm getting error -517 Backup Client is Busy, and can't get it to go away. Need some ideas.






- Retrospect is loaded on a high end laptop, with (VXA LVD/SE SCSI tape) backup drive attached.


- We have three separate locations that need backing up. Once set up, our idea is to use the drive on a desktop machine in one location, and 'borrow' the drive to do backups in the other locations using a laptop.


- Have successfully backed up one of the remote locations using the laptop


- Now brought the laptop to a second location, installed a client on one of the machines on the LAN, and attempted to connect to the client.






* The client (running Win2k Pro, with all other software disabled) easily installed the client software, and was visible to Retrospect as a client.


* However, when either "Refreshing" the client properties window, or closing it, there's a long delay and then we get error -517 Backup Client is Busy.




Things tried:


* Reinstalling the client


* Lots of reboots


* Ensuring other software is disabled


* Ensuring the computers are idle


* Ensuring TCP/IP is clean and happy




Any other ideas? This is a bit frustrating!




Could Retrospect somehow be confused since the DHCP IP address used for backups at location A is different (of course) from the IP address assigned when the laptop is moved to location B? I don't see anywhere to configure this.




Thanks much,





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What version of the Retrospect application and client are you using?




Also I'm a bit unclear - each computer only has a single client installed, right? The fact that a client has been logged into one backup computer should not prevent it from being logged into another one (unless, of course, the client is actually in use for a backup from the other computer).

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>What version of the Retrospect application and client are you using?




Latest 5.6, Desktop Trial.




>...each computer only has a single client installed, right?




Of course. And we're only dealing with one backup computer (the laptop).




We've continued to test all day and have not found a way around this:




The laptop sees, and successfully connects to, the clients on network A. It can even do so


remotely across the Internet (at much reduced speed of course!) if we open up enough firewall holes. Both Windows 2000 and Win98 clients.




However, network B is a different matter. A Win98 client we just added is fine. But for a Windows 2000 client, running on another laptop, the backup laptop sees and can add but cannot actually connect to or test a link to the Windows 2000 client.




We get quite a variety of strange errors, including most recently an assertion error - cpp-457.


We're also now getting error 541 (client not running - but it is!), and then get good data out of the "volumes" and "access" tabs. The general tab refresh button simply will not work.




The systems are talking together just fine in all other ways. Only Retrospect has a problem.




Thanks for helping with this!





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