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Simple Qs re: incremental backups

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Thanks Nate -- I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103. I see that it is on the "qualified" list.


So, just to make sure I understand -- an incremental backup could be made to the last CDRW or DVD-R in a backup set if that last disc was only partially filled; there would not be a need to add a new disc to the set. Is that right?


My concern arose from my reading of p. 31 of the Retrospect 6.0 manual, which states "... Previously recorded CD-R, DVD-R, or DVD+R media cannot be erased and thus cannot be used by Retrospect."


I read that as implying that every time an incremental backup is done, the user -would- need to add a new, blank CD or DVD whether or not any room was left on the last CD or DVD in the backup set.


Maybe the manual could use some clarification regarding this "multisession" capability.

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The manual means to say "DVD+R is write once media. You can't erase it and use it again."


Retrospect does not finalize disks the way other burning utilities do. As a result you can incrementally add data in multiple sessions until the disk is full to any disk. This is true for write once media or multiple write media.


You do not need to add a new disk after each incremental backup.




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