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Cannot get HELP window to work in Retrospect 8 for WIN


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Problems with the HELP area in Retrospect 8 for Windows (in Windows 7)


I go to the HELP tab - it opens a window - I try to search for a topic and I get this message in the window to the right:




What you can try:

Retype the address.




There is NO address entered.


Only clicking on the topic in the left column that I need help with.


For some unknown reason - it is not accessing Windows Explorer and opening a HELP window in Explorer.


I have Windows Explorer 9.


Solutions anyone?


Thank you.

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Try this:




1. Navigate to the Retrospect program files directory (C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 8.0)

2. Right-Click on help.chm and choose “Properties”

3. Select the “Security” tab

4. Click “Edit” to change permissions

5. Select “Users” in the “Group or User Name” list

6. Select “Modify” in the “Permissions for Users” list then

7. Then click OK to close.

8. Select the “General” tab in “help.chm Properties” window

9. Select “Unblock” and then “Apply”

10. Click OK to close.

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