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Another Trouble in Retrospect Error

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eMac with OS X 10.3.3 (Panther) and a brand new registered Retrospect 6.0.193, including

the latest Retrospect 6.0 Driver Update 5.2.101


Problem: when qutting Retrospect, I get the dreaded


"Internal consistency check failed, memory.c 424"


message. I saw many similar posting on this Forum but they were all with a different setup.

Also, Dantz claims that the problems were solved.


Not on my eMac where this happens 100% of the time.


Please help!!!


Thanks, Paul Nevai


P.S. This "icon" and "graemlin" system is pretty much infantile.

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My backup device? Irrelevant question since I get the message when I quit Retrospect even

if I just started it: start => quit => message


BTW, I use file backups and duplications on various firewire hard drives. Just a plain vanilla setup.


When do the errors occur? "when quitting Retrospect"


What are you backing up when the error happens? Nothing. See above.


I repeat: brand new installation on an eMac, start => quit => message.


OK? Regards, Paul

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My question about backup devices is quite relevant. We are here to help. We don't ask questions just to waste your time or string you along. OK?


There is likely a CD/DVD burner installed in this machine. When you launch Retrospect it scans all devices on the machine any may try to close them on quit. Open configure->devices->Device status in Retrospect and tell Retrospect to ignore every device ID. Then Quit and see if the problems continue.


If so then delete the Retrospect preference files and try this again. They may have become corrupted after the initial error and simply have not recovered.



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Hi Nate:


It's time for me to apologize for saying "irrelevant question". I see your point.

Ignoring the CD/DVD device ID did not help.


Then I deleted the preference called Retro.Config (6.0). That helped.

Of course I lost all my scripts but at least I don't have the crash now.


Do you have any suggestions how to recover the scripts?


I again apologize for doubting the validity of your inquiry.


Regards, Paul

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No worries - I know it is frustrating when things aren't working right. grin.gif


Unfortunately all of your scripts are stored in the preference files and can't be exported. Your only option would be to restore an older version of your preference files from backup.


Given the trouble you have had it may be worth going with new config files and creating the scripts again.



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