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Mac client 6.x with a PC server 6.x

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PC server 6.5.x with unlimited clients

2 other PC servers, all Win2003 running client 6.5.x

2 Mac xServes, running panther and client 6.x

These all run perfectly, and I am having no problems. My clients are another story.

When a user is logged in the backup is fine, but I want them to log out at night and allow retrospect to remotely backup the documents folder on each. My problem is that the retrospect client only seems to run under a users login.


Can it be made to run under a system type process such as PC's do? If so, then I can get them to logout every night and still backup the individual systems.


Thanks in advance.



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Retrospect client should backup clients regardless if there are users logged in or out. What are the energy saving settings on the client machines set to? If you log out of a client machine and then immediately try a backup of that client does it run?




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