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Upgrading from RetroSpect 5/OS9 to Retrospect 6/OSX - Advice?

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I am about to do a major upgrade to a music studio. We have been using Retrospect 5.x on a G4 running OS9.2. We have about 30 DDS-4 tapes full of data all working wonderfully as we regularly backup/restore. Now we are upgrading to a G5/Panther 10.3.3/ Retrospect 6.x. Is there anything that will make this smoother? Will the storage sets created in OS9 be compatible in OSX? Will I see a performance slowdown overall? etc, etc.

I know its going to be a headache in some ways so I want make it as painless as possible. We use UW-SCSI and have purchased the new ATTO SCSI card that works in a G5 (per Digidesign). We use UW SCSI drives, a SONY DDS-4 tape drive, and various ATA and Firewire drives.


Any Advice would be appreciated.




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