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Scanning fails b/c "Duplicate dirid" error

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I'm using Retrospect 6.0 on a G4 using Panther. I'm backing up a G4 server running OS 9 and Appleshare IP 6.0 by mounting the volumes on my Panther machine. The problem is reported to me in Retrospect's log like this:



3/26/2004 3:45:53 PM: Copying SW Archives…

While scanning volume SW Archives,

Folder SW Archives/SW/Page layouts/365/March 30, 2001/,

Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00004ec6

Folder SW Archives/SW/Page layouts/,

Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupt?).

Folder SW Archives/SW/Page ones/366~-S/Spanish supplement/,

Duplicate dirid detected: 0x000064ca

Folder SW Archives/SW/Page ones/,

Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupt?).

3/26/2004 4:52:21 PM: Comparing SW Archives…

3/26/2004 6:03:18 PM: 4 execution errors.

Completed: 9951 files, 2.7 GB, with 0% compression

Performance: 39.8 MB/minute (41.6 copy, 38.1 compare)

Duration: 02:17:25 (00:01:34 idle/loading/preparing)




As you'll notice, each "duplicate dirid" error is paired with a "Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupts?)" error. This means that the contents of those folders are skipped over in the backup.


I've tried repairing the server hard drive with Disk First Aid and DiskWarrior, but that hasn't fixed the problem. I have repaired permissions on my Panther machine. I don't know what a dirid is, but need to fix this for my backup routine to work.


Only a couple other threads deal with this problem, and their hardware configurations are different plus I couldn't find examples of how people fixed their problems.


Ideas? Anything would appreciated.

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One more thing:


I also experienced this problem using Retrospect 5 with the same hardware. I figured that upgrading to 6 would solve the problem. I'm disappointed that it has not. Do I need to use a different software package?



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Are you backing up mounted volumes or using the Retro client on the ASIP G4?


I had that problem when running Retro 5.238 on a G4/OS X to backup server volumes (Xserve, 10.2.6 with Helios). I connected to network shares from the backup G4.


'dirid' means 'directory id' I believe.


My suggestion is to backup the server locally, ie. from the server itself, or use Retrospect client.

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Why will Dantz support no help with these errors. I talked with them in the phone and they respond that "it was out of there hands".


I'm using Retrospect 6.0.193 on a XServe G4 using 10.2.4. I'm backing up a XServe G4 (10.2.4) with Helios Server and mounting the volumes on my backup machine. The problem is reported to me in Retrospect's log look like this:


+ Executing Immediate Backup at 22/04/2004 11:05

To backup set test3…


- 22/04/2004 11:05:10: Copying Udveksling…

22/04/2004 11:14:05: Execution completed successfully.

Completed: 2888 files, 9,4 GB

Performance: 1077,3 MB/minute

Duration: 00:08:55


FscGetFSRef: FSMakeFSRefUnicode failed for file test4, error -43

FscGetFSRef: FSMakeFSSpec failed for file , error -43

While scanning volume Udveksling,

Folder Udveksling/V-NL Ark Binder/,

Duplicate dirid detected: 0x0000ae35

Volume root Udveksling/,

Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupt?).

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AppleShare IP has not been a supported backup source for Retrospect from version 5.0 on.


There is a Tech Note on the first page of the support section (bottom right hand column) which details why.

It is article 26688 in the KnowledgeBase.


This is not the same problem you are having but it is an unsupported configuration, I doubt Dantz has tested 6.0 with ASIP.


Also be aware that you may not be copying all privileges if backing up the server as mounted volumes (according to the Retrospect manual).

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