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Email notification via Mail with automated scripts not working

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I have just recently installed Retrospect 6.x for Mac. As part of the installation, I set up a series of automated scripts. This Mac is used by my wife, so I wanted the backups to email me notification of status. I followed the instructions in the manual as described, copying the Applescript for the Mail application as desribed in teh book. My wife uses the email installed on the iMac using Panther (either the default Mail or it comes with .Mac; I can't recall).


I wonder if the script assumes there is a sendmail server on the machine or local network? All of our email gets sent via Comcast's cable email server or through mac.com.


Sorry for the likely less-than-informative post. The docs are somewhat sparse on this topic. I didn't see anything relevant on the Web site's Support center either.







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There is an example AppleScript which has all the source commented out in:

Retrospect 6.0/AppleScript Utilities/Retrospect Event Handler


and there is another one close to functional in:

Retrospect 6.0/AppleScript Utilities/Email Retrospect Event Handlers/Mail.App (OS X only)/Retrospect Event Handler


1) Which one did you install?


2) Did you edit the script to put in your email address?


3) Do you see the event handler launch as a separate application when Retrospect is running?


The problem may lie in what you installed, or whether it got installed correctly, or how it is working, so just exploring the options!


(I am unclear whether the supplied handler will send email if it is not left running. It is working fine for me, but on a computer dedicated to Retrospect which runs 24/7. Someone else may know, or we can explore that when we find out where things are going wrong for you!)

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Thanks for the response. I can see where this might be leading just by your comment 'close to functional'. Anyway, as to your questions...


1) The latter.

2) Yes.

3) Yes.


When Retrospect launches automatically, I see the event handler also get launched. I also see the Mail tool get launched if not already running. The backup happens, I am fairly certain that the Mail.App script is trying to do something, but no email.


Thanks for the help so far. Any suggestions on how I can debug this? I have no knolwedge of AppleScript, but I once was a Software Engineer before I got a lobotomy. Ooops, I mean promoted.


Thanks again,



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1) I think there needs to be someone logged in for the Mail.app handler to work.


2) You only get email for scripted backups, so if when you are testing you run a manual backup, that will not cause an email.


3) You can test the email part directly to check that outgoing email is working, just in case. Login as the same user who will be logged in when the backup occurs. Open up the event handler in Script Editor. Copy the whole of the sendmail subroutine into a new script window, i.e.


to sendMail given Subject:subj, myMessage:bodyText, recipientsList:reciplist


end sendMail


and below it add this line with your email address:


sendMail given Subject:"Test", myMessage:"message", recipientsList:"person@some.site.tld"


then click run. You should have just sent an email.


4) Post again if none of this helps. I am going to be setting up the same thing as you, from scratch, in the next week or so, and will pay attention to what steps I take!

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Had a baby since posting this thread, so I am just coming bak to this. Thanks for the feedback. On your items:


1) Yes, one user is always logged in.

2) I am referring to scripted executions only.

3) Great idea! The house is in happy chaos, so I am not sure when I will give this a try, but want to soon.

4) Thanks. Have you had any luck?





I have not. I assume the Pyhton event handler also comes with Retrospect? The only email application we have used on this Mac is the Mail app that comes installed. Do you happen to know if I need to do anything special to get this running? In any case, I will give this a try if the Mail route does not work.



Thank you both!


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