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Net Retry for 9 Hours??

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I have Retrospect 6.x running with all the updates, clients are also up to date. I am running backup to a AIT-1 LoaderExpress from Overland (19 tapes). The clients are OS9.2.2, OSX 10.x, Windows 2000.




On nightly basis, Retrospect will get with one client or another perform an endless Net Retry on a client and not continue on. I have set the threshold to 100kb, still attempts. In this casse for 9hrs. It is a different client each time. Over night client machines are logged out, not shutdown.




This has prevented me from getting a reliable backup for months!




In many cases, once I access the Retrospect computer, the Net_retry stops and continues on.




Thanks for any help...





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Just to be sure- do local backups run OK?


What is the OS of the backup machine? Have you tried using the OSX cocktail utility to manually set the Network connection speed of your mac? I would try a few different settings and see if you have better luck.


This could also be a low level I/O problem. What SCSI card are you using and what driver version?



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