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New Client for Windows

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We have released an update for the Retrospect Client for Windows. The new version is 6.5.136.


The new version has several changes:


1) We have fixed a problem that caused the Retrospect client to use as much as 99% of the CPU on the computer.


2) We have fixed a problem that prevented the client from loading after the computer Sleeps or Hibernates


3) The client now correctly works on computers with an IP address of 169.x.x.x


4) Fixed a problem causing the client to broadcast excess IP traffic under rare conditions.


The update can be found at http://www.dantz.com/updates

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>I saw the .exe and thought PC-executable=never going to work on a mac.<


That's certainly what I thought. In fact, I've been ignoring Windows updates for ages - unless I happen to think about downloading it while I'm visiting a Windows client - because of that.


Thanks for the clarification.




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