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Crash on Mac OS X Server 10.3 while using Fast User Switching and ARD

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While doing a backup with Retrospect Workgroup 6.0 (incl. RDU), our Mac OS X Server 10.3.2 machine became completely unresponsive - would not allow local logins any more, and users could not access their afp shares... (some basic stuff like sshd etc. still worked).


We are using the latest ATTO drivers and firmware for the ExpressPCI PSC SCSI card and doing backup to a DDS-4 drive on that particular machine.


On that day, we ran Retrospect in the foreground but switched to the Login Window using fast user switching. Also, attempts to access the machine with Apple Remote Desktop were not successful.


This happened once so far.


Are there any known Retrospect issues with Fast User Switching and/or Apple Remote Desktop?



Rafael Kobylinski

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