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Retrospect Hangs/loses status window

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OK. This happened once before, and I chalked it up to chance. Now, it's personal.


*Sometime" during a backup (from PowerBook 667MHz OS 10.3.2, running Retrospect 6.0, backing up from one 120GB FW drive to another identical drive), the status window dissapears and Retrospect appears to be hung. Without the status window, I can't tell it completed on or not. However, the app won't quit. Plus the tic-tac-toe icon is still "twinkling". My only option seems to force quit. Last time I did that, I had to rebuild the catalog. I think that Retropect might even be alive, because I have been hearing the familiar Alert Sound that usually accompanies a complete backup (along with the status window). But alas...no status window can be found. Of course, I look on the dock. Not there. (Trust me).


any ideas?



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