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Assert while verifying

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I performed a backup on PowerBook 17", Panther, Retrospect 6.0.178.


On the second DVD I got a 203 error.


While verifying the backup, on the 2nd disk, Retrospect reported "Internal consistency check failed", "Assertion check at "elem.c-811"


Sounds like a bug... Verifying a failed disk should not cause an assert.

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Error 203 is "hardware failure" which generally means the drive really did not like a command that Retrospect sent to it. What is the brand and speed of the DVD media you are using? Have you installed the latest Retrospect driver update?




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I am using Apple's DVD media. I have some 2x disks (now not sold) and 4x disks.


I am now having the 203 problem when writing and (possibly also) while verifying.


I discussed the issue with Apple support and they suggested that I do a complete reinstall of the OS. On the machine with the clean OS install, it appears that this problem has gone away. Now, on a second 17" PowerBook, the problem is also surfacing.


How do I know if I have the latest driver update? I purchased an upgrade to Retrospect 6.0 just two weeks ago.

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