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6.0 Server and Scripting

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Hello all!


I am looking to purchase Retrospect 6 for my XRAIDS, and am looking for some scripting resources.


I have about 1000 users, and will be backing up to an XRAID. Each user has a folder, with multiple 'pre-created' folders (per Macintosh Manager and Workgroup Manager)


I need to able to tell Retrospect to skip specific folders (Library, Movies, etc), as well as skip anything over 50MB in size. All the servers are MacOS X 10.3; no client backup needed (3 XRAIDS, a majority of the data does not need to be backed up)


Is that possible?


Thank you!



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Yes it is. You can create custom file selectors that give you all kinds of flexibility for selecting files. Size, type, name are just a few of them.


You should download the 6.0 trial version from the product info pages. It will give you a better idea of the possibilites.



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