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Missing backup reports after 7.7.620 upgrade

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I upgraded to 7.7.630 on my fleet of retrospect backup servers (all Windows Server 2008 R2 DC, Dell R510's) a few days ago, and since then I've noted missing backup report log items.


This is important because, given there's no other way in retrospect to do this, I parse the backup log to confirm that my clients have been backed up successfully.


For the past two days, I've been missing 1 backup report log item per Retrospect server.


The client in question has been backed up, I can confirm that by looking at the operations log. However, the backup report log (Backup Report.log) doesn't show the latest entry for the client being backed up.


Has anyone else noticed this bug, and is there a way around it?


edit: I believe it may be related to the buffering of output. I did some work on one of the servers, which generated some output to file, which also dumped the last backup to file, and my check returned ok. I'm currently performing another backup on another server, to see if the currently-pending backup is dumped to file.


edit2: yes, definitely confirmed. I back up clients A, B and C, and A and B dump to file, client C, finishing last, is not dumped to file. After all backups completed, backing up client D causes client C to dump to file, but client D's logs are still 404. The Operations log is definitely right though. Attempting to force the dump by running a known quick action, e.g. a verify of a backup, doesn't fix the dumping, though.

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Did the 'Report Options' change?


I know sometimes I have to re-check those to get the proper reports.


I still have logging on.


It's just annoying, because it appears to be a "push text buffer to file" option that's been removed. When a new item is logged to file, the buffer's pushed to file (the previous action is logged to file), then the new report is generated, but not pushed. It's also continually happening, I have 100% completed backups again today, but one per server are showing as not completed in my monitoring.

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I've worked around this issue.


I've got one machine per retrospect server that's set to backup after the bulk of all backups. These trailing machines aren't monitored (development machines and the like), so they act as a log pusher for the important/monitored backups. They backup last, pushing the logs to file, making the other machines report OK, while not caring if their own logs are pushed out.


This is not the best solution going forward, given this process will break if any backups finish after them, but it's the best I can do without reverting retrospect versions (really don't want to).


Hopefully this bug will be addressed soon.

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