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How do I handle a 206 - dirty head error (beyond cleaning) ..

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Retro reported a 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc) .. this was on an HP - DD3 drive .. I ejected the tape, cleaned the drive, reinserted the tape .. and it seemed to then want to skip to the next member. Is this a coincidence // or what?


Question: Do I assume that the member that had an error (member #6) is bad, and that is why it asked for a new blank tape to be called #7? If so .. is there anything on #6? should I replace it with media? if so, how?


I don't want to re-run the entire backup .. its been running for a couple of days!




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If all the other tapes were fine and the backup continues on a new tape you can consider this tape as bad. Continue the backup on tape number 7. Once the backup completes go to configure-> backup sets and set the proplem tape as missing from the members tab.


The next time you backup anything that was on that tape will be copied again.



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