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Email Preferences Customization


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Are there any ways to customize the email preferences more grainularly? For example, why does it send a single email for every exchange mailbox that fails in a single backup set, rather than a combined report for that backup set after it completes (successfull or not)? After the backup completes, send me a combined report of exceptions and failures for that backup set. I've seen between 50-100 emails sent in a short period by this product when exchange mailboxes failed to backup, which is completely unacceptable. Just imagine an organization with more mailboxes...


For recycles, why does it have to email me to tell me the backup set was reset? I don't need to know that, why can't I toggle that off?


We just need the ability to trim down the amount of spam this product generates. Yes, we need to know when a backup fails or succeeds, but we don't need to have so many emails sent to us to do so.

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Agreed, would be much nicer to receive a daily, weekly, montly, etc. (whatever timeframe as configured by the user - aka the one managing their retrospect server) than it is to receive an email for every failed log. I have over a hundred clients - many laptops that come and go frequently so I receive a ton of error -590 unable to communicate with client all day long.

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