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Found 3 results

  1. We've recently had to rebuild our Retrospect server due to a hardware failure. This time, we decided to enable email notifications so that we will get more timely notifications of issues, however we're finding that it's quite spammy (we are getting a lot of messages about communication failures between the server and a client, which we don't necessarily care about). Is there any more granular way to select what we get notified about by email? Ideally we just want notifications for big problems like being unable to write to the server hard drives or having no disk space left (waiting for media) but there doesn't seem to be a way to select just those kinds of errors to be alerted about. We are running Retrospect Single Server version on Windows Server 2012 R2. Thanks, Dan Jackson (Lead ITServices Technician) Long Road Sixth Form College Cambridge, UK.
  2. (Retro, Mac mini on Mac OS X 10.8.5. Client console on Mac OS X 10.6.8) The preference for selecting the number of "scheduled" activities does not work as expected. I have quite a few activities queued up for the turn of the year - midnight on 1 Jan 2014. I was puzzled why the scripts I had scheduled for a few hours after midnight were not showing up in the "activities" report. I had to bump it up to 50 to see the 20 scripts that are queued. It appears to be counting just the scripts that are doing a "recycle" backup, but is counting them wrong. I include 3 screen shots below, with the setting at 10, 20, and 50. None of the settings shows the number of scheduled activities that I expect (10, 20, or 50) It is generally more, but omits some, like the later "recycle" operations that are in the "middle" of the list. Is the preference 10/20/50 per day? The snaps: With the pref set to 10, I get 29 scheduled activities, but only 9 of the "recycle" ops. Set at 20, I get 35+ (a few hidden at the bottom, but only 19 recycle ops. Set at 50, I get a lot more, and can't show them on the screen all at once. These two snaps cover the 69 scheduled activities, and I finally get all my recycle ops. If this is how it is supposed to work, it needs a better description. ;->
  3. Are there any ways to customize the email preferences more grainularly? For example, why does it send a single email for every exchange mailbox that fails in a single backup set, rather than a combined report for that backup set after it completes (successfull or not)? After the backup completes, send me a combined report of exceptions and failures for that backup set. I've seen between 50-100 emails sent in a short period by this product when exchange mailboxes failed to backup, which is completely unacceptable. Just imagine an organization with more mailboxes... For recycles, why does it have to email me to tell me the backup set was reset? I don't need to know that, why can't I toggle that off? We just need the ability to trim down the amount of spam this product generates. Yes, we need to know when a backup fails or succeeds, but we don't need to have so many emails sent to us to do so.
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