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Incremental Vs Full

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If you're coming to Retrospect from other traditional backup solutions you may have a misunderstanding of how "Incremental Plus" works. But as Lennart suggests, doing a "full" backup each week may only provide wasted time over simply maintaing two Media Sets and rotating them as needed.


The variable most relevant to your decision might be what Type of Media Set you are using, and how many Members your backup require. Normal backups will eventually require additional Members, so you'll want to weigh the need to transport the physical media against the time it takes a new or recycled Media Set to complete.

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Hi, still having problems. I'm trying to backup different folders to different media sets. The problem is that even if I select subfolders on a share/drive it tries to backup the entire drive (not the folders i selected) I'm stucked :-( FYI its a drive mounted on same machine as the retro server.

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problems again. Retro is trying to make full backup again on one media set that's already running. Tried to make a new backup and on second day (after the first full backup) it's trying to do a full bckp again, please help!

FYI The folder's date on shared drive doesnt appear on root (but on deep folders is ok). I clicked on "use attribute modifation date when matching - so is off)

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