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This may have been answered elsewhere but I do not see it on searches.


I've got 1.5TB of data that just went through a renaming process (Chinese characters which were giving us headaches to English characters), nothing about the file was changed but the name.


Will Retro 6 backup the entire 1.5TB again?


Tech specs -


Retro 6.1.230 (including latest R6 driver)

XServe 1,1

Mac OS X Server (running 10.6.8)

2x2 GHz Dual Core Intel Xenon


Exabyte LTO 1x7 2U (Exabyte Library 5.03) (SCSI) (running LTO3 tapes)


Thank you for your time and assistance!

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Thank you so much for answering my question, Lennart! :)


That makes my very sad as it's quite a lot of data to back up to tape again but I appreciate knowing.


(Yes, I know it's not supported but the thing is still working without a hitch and I've got no faith, currently, in Retro 8 or 9.)


Thanks again!



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