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  1. Thank you so much for answering my question, Lennart! That makes my very sad as it's quite a lot of data to back up to tape again but I appreciate knowing. (Yes, I know it's not supported but the thing is still working without a hitch and I've got no faith, currently, in Retro 8 or 9.) Thanks again! Cheers!
  2. Hello! This may have been answered elsewhere but I do not see it on searches. I've got 1.5TB of data that just went through a renaming process (Chinese characters which were giving us headaches to English characters), nothing about the file was changed but the name. Will Retro 6 backup the entire 1.5TB again? Tech specs - Retro 6.1.230 (including latest R6 driver) XServe 1,1 Mac OS X Server (running 10.6.8) 2x2 GHz Dual Core Intel Xenon 32GB 667 MHz DDR FB-DIMM Exabyte LTO 1x7 2U (Exabyte Library 5.03) (SCSI) (running LTO3 tapes) Thank you for your time and assistance!
  3. Thank you again for your time and advice. The autoloader is now reading those transferred tapes correctly. Because of course. When the autoloader comes back from repair, do I just copy back the catalog and point the script to the revised catalog...? Cheers!
  4. Apologies. Yes, both stations are running Retrospect (same software build and same hardware being used). Station 1 is backing up partitions in itself as well as sharepoint-accessed partitions on another station. Station 2 is doing the same. Station 1's autoloader is being sent for repairs while Station 2's autoloader works fine. I tried transferring the two catalogs to the working station. I recreated the script and pointed it to the catalogs. It started to run the backup...however, the autoloader did not see the member that Retrospect was asking for, even though I had placed it in the autoloader. I stopped the script, restarted Retrospect and ran an Inventory Update on the autoloader. All to no avail - the tape is still listed as erased. It still appears fine in the other autoloader. ...? Thank you, twickland, for taking the time to answer my query.
  5. Good morning (afternoon)! One of our Magnum 1x7 LTO3 autoloaders is on the fritz and is going to be sent out for repair. We've two setups that are exactly the same (see my signature for tech details). Can I take the scripts / catalogs on one station and transfer them to the other station to resume backups...? How would I accomplish that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Cheers! Anthony
  6. I did a quick gander around on Google and found that the -5000 indicates an issue with AFP - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2237?viewlocale=en_US -5000 afpAccessDenied AFP access denied Have you checked AFP? Also, I noticed that the G4 is running on 10.3.9 while the server is running 10.6.3...perhaps that is part of the erring...? Just a thought.
  7. We did change out the SCSI card and it was still throwing errors. A few reboots later (as well as turning the autoloader off/on) and the backups are backing up again.
  8. Have you checked that you've read/write privileges set up on that drive? Are you sharing the drive via Server Admin?
  9. That part of the troubleshooting isn't my area of expertise but I will find out once everything is sorted. One thing I've noticed is that in one script, instead of erring out, Retro attempts to create another member of the backup set (media set). When that fails, it creates another - it's already done this twice and 'eaten' two tapes. Strange. I do have another question - I've two systems running Retrospect (same setup hardware + software-wise). The other Tandberg is running fine. Can I copy that script (catalog) over to the other machine and run that script? Then, copy that script (catalog) back over to the original machine? (moving the tapes between the two autoloaders) Am I using the correct terminology? Thank you again for all your help and insights...I could not do my job without the wonderful people in this forum. I learn so much. Cheers!
  10. Additional - received 102 error and kernel panic when maneuvering in Retro. As previously noted, both 205 and 102 errors indication SCSI issue. Ordering new SCSI card for station. Hopefully that will resolve the issue!
  11. Steps: cleaning the tape drive, shutting the tape drive off and on, then repairing the catalogs, the backups are now functioning again! Thank you!
  12. Hello! I am running into the following error when backing up on Retro 6.1.230 - error 205. I am backing up to tape on a Magnum 1x7 LTO3 (SCSI-A:0:0 Exabyte LTO 1x7 2U) on a XServe 1.1, running 10.5.8, Dual Core Intel Xeon. All connections appear secure - ran selftest on autoloader which came back okay - Retrospect sees the autoloader (scan) - ran repair catalog with no issues. I did a bit of research and came back with an Apple Support page - http://support.apple.com/kb/TA29986?viewlocale=en_US - which indicates a possible SCSI-related issue... Any insights would be most appreciated! I did notice that someone had a 205 error in Retro 8 - http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/74020-error-205-lost-access-to-storage-medium/ Thank you for your time and assistance!
  13. Is this what you're looking for ? http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/21067/retrospect-express
  14. Thank you again for all your help. I do have another question; I did not know if it warranted another thread...? What is the xfer (speed) (transfer speed) of Retrospect 8 (8.2.0, 399 build)? Also, how do I find the xfer for my current Retrospect, which is 6.1.230? Again, my thanks!
  15. Thank you very much for your time in answering my questions; I appreciate it.
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