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Retrospect can't see a user's FileVault home folder

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I've got several users on OS 10.6.8. Their home folders are encrypted with FileVault.

When they are logged-in, their home folder appears to retrospect as another disk on their machine, and I can mark it for backup.


I recently acquired a new 10.6.8 mac, and installed the latest client on it (Client As opposed to my other machines, which have been configured for a while, and had their client software upgraded various times, this was a new mac, with a fresh install of the client.


On this particular machine, Retrospect does not discover the volume holding the user's FileVault home folder when they are logged in.


Any suggestions on how to get their home folder to be recognized, so that it can get backed up?

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A little regression info. I have two clients that still has Retrospect Client version On those two clients, I can see the user's FileVault home folder (appears as a volume with there userid as the volume name) and I can select it for backup. On the clients that have been upgraded to Retrospect Client, these additional volumes don't appear, so I can't select them for backing up.

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