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  1. Have a few Mac laptop users in the office, as well as several non-portable iMacs. Retrospect server is 10.2 and clients are up-to-date as well. All these machines are backed up via a proactive backup script. When a laptop user disconnects from the network while in the midst of getting backed-up, the Retrospect engine does not handle the situation well. The engine sends me e-mails about the backup failing due to communiation error (which is fine). When I access the server, I see that this backup job is still showing as in-progress, even days later. This keeps the backup set locked, preventing other proactive clients from backing up. This also prevents my nightly and weekly routines (rotations, grooming) from processing on this backup set. It would seem that the engine needs the intelligence to "give up" at some point, and move on with the other clients. I don't remember this happening under 10.1 or earlier versions.
  2. The update pricing discussion isn't clear. Is 10.2 a free upgrade for 10.1 users?
  3. Running Retrospect 9.0.2 (107). Getting the software update message to update to 10.0.0 (174). I cannot dismiss it, and cannot interact with the console while it is present. The console is completely unresponsive. It comes up every day, which seems too often. I will update when I am ready. Upgrading is a non-trivial financial and IT decision, so popping up the reminder daily is excessive. I think I will have to force-quite the console to get the message to go away.
  4. I have a user that is consistently getting the error message "Scanning incomplete, Error 24 ( unknown )". This error is associated with the same 4 files/folders every time her client attempts a backup. It has been happening for a long time. Searching on the error number has not been fruitful for me. Does anyone know what this error message is trying to tell me?
  5. A little regression info. I have two clients that still has Retrospect Client version On those two clients, I can see the user's FileVault home folder (appears as a volume with there userid as the volume name) and I can select it for backup. On the clients that have been upgraded to Retrospect Client, these additional volumes don't appear, so I can't select them for backing up.
  6. I assume port 497 is open. I can browse the client from the server, add favorites, etc. I can also backup the contents of the "/Users" folder. It's just that this is not how to backup a FileVault sparseimage.
  7. I've got several users on OS 10.6.8. Their home folders are encrypted with FileVault. When they are logged-in, their home folder appears to retrospect as another disk on their machine, and I can mark it for backup. I recently acquired a new 10.6.8 mac, and installed the latest client on it (Client As opposed to my other machines, which have been configured for a while, and had their client software upgraded various times, this was a new mac, with a fresh install of the client. On this particular machine, Retrospect does not discover the volume holding the user's FileVault home folder when they are logged in. Any suggestions on how to get their home folder to be recognized, so that it can get backed up?
  8. Just wanted to close the loop here. The updated app works fine now that I've updated the server to 8.2.
  9. I am currently unable to "verify" a tape after backing up to it. I get a "media already in use" error. I had no problems like this under 8.1. Mac Pro, ATTO SCSI, LTO Tape.
  10. I'm also having this problem. No idea how to fix it yet. I've turned off verification for now, but obviously that isn't a viable long-term answer. I've also tried running a seperate standalone verify script after the backup, but that also results in a "Media set in use" box like the one you are seeing. Result is still no verification.
  11. There are some other threads on the board here with other issues regarding "media already in use" problems. Seems to be a bug. No obvious workarounds yet.
  12. My set has always had "fast catalog rebuild" turned on, and worked fine in 8.1. Today I tried turning off media verification, and doing a seperate verify pass after the backup finished. The backup finished fine. When I went to go run my new verify script, it gave me a select media button. When I told it to use the tape that was in the drive, it said the media was already in use by another backup set. Pressing "Skip" did nothing. Had to press "stop" and abort the verify. So right now I can backup, but not verify. Logs don't say anythhing useful... + Executing Verify offsite backups-test at 8/13/10 (Activity Thread 1) - 8/13/10 1:17:17 PM: Verifying FFAS Offsite Backups Progress 13/8/2010 13:17:17: Verifying... Progress 13/8/2010 13:17:17: Please wait... Progress 13/8/2010 13:17:17: Waiting for media... Progress 13/8/2010 13:18:56: Execution stopped by operator Total duration: 00:01:39 (00:01:39 idle/loading/preparing)
  13. Nope. No solution yet. Have seen a few other threads here reporting similar problem.
  14. I am having the same problem. See this thread http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/34471/ I too am trying to copy most recent backup to tape (disk to disk to tape strategy).
  15. Even when I select a single client, it remains greyed out.
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