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DVD-R, media errors: strategies, recommendations?

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I'm using Retrospect 6, MacOS 10.3, Pioneer A05.


I've started a new backup set, DVD-R. First backup is 8gb. Retrospect reports an error 4gb into the first disk, (-206 media). Second disk seems OK, verification slows to a crawl towards the end of disk 1 and results in lots of errors. Not surprising.


At this point, I have the "execution errors" report. So I save a selector, not of the enclosing folders, but the files themselves.


Question: Why does the program consider files that suffered execution errors to be backed up? The backup set is incremental, but if I run the same script again straight away, it doesn't try to back those files up again. I've been using Retrospect since v2, and I think I understand the fundamentals of its operation- but behaviour like this baffles me somewhat. Is there a way to force it to backup files that failed on a previous execution?


To move forward, what should I do? Mark disk 1 as "missing", bin the DVD-R, and force a backup all of its contents again on next script execution?


Oh well, I thought, I've got a selector that has the problem files in it, I'll do a manual backup of just those files, ignoring matches in the backup set. Retrospect scans the media, compares to the backup set, then unexpectedly quits. Has it choked on my selector? It's got quite a few files in it, say, 1000 small documents, 100mb.


Any suggestions?



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The problem is the 206 error is a media error - if the file was properly updated in the catalog file Retrospect will regognize the file as copied even though the media had problems.


I think the safest bet is to set the disk as missing and run the backup again. What brand and speed of media are you using? You may want to shop around for another to see if it helps.



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I'm still @ a loss with this.... I've tried Princo 4x media, another 4x media that was recommended to me, and now I am back with the 4x Shintaro (a local Aus brand) that I had used originally. I'm getting < 2gb into a disk and then getting error -206, bad media / dirty heads...


Under Retrospect 5.1 / MacOS X 10.2 I could execute multi-disk backups to the same Shintaro media without problems, but I am yet to have a single successful DVD-R backup since ugrading to Panther and buying 6.0.


This would lead me to point the finger @ the drive, but it has had only light DVD burning use, and performs flawlessly in Toast, using any number of brands of media. Is it simply that DVD-R is not a useful medium for packet writing applications such as this sort of backup? I'm at a loss, but I am willing to try any other suggestions before I shop around for another solution. HDD seems like the way to go, but the portability of disks vs drives for offsite backup is still attractive.


Any suggestions appreciated...

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Toast uses track at once to write disks. This writing method is much more commonly used so drive manufacturers tend to test it more thoroughly.


You can try building a custom configuration for your drive in Retrospect. (configure->devices->device status) This may force Retrospect to use Track at once. No guarantee you will have better results but it is worth a try.


I personally am not a big fan of optical media. I prefer tape or hard drives.



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