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Why Is My Posts Removed?

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Your concerns and postings have just come to my attention. I am very sorry you have been so upset with the upgrade process for Retrospect 9 but this type of attack on the product is not appropriate for the Retrospect Forum. The Retrospect section of the Roxio forum has one purpose. To help customers with product troubleshooting. If you have direct feedback for us, you are welcome to contact us directly so that we can address your concerns as quickly as possible. In fact you can contact me directly and I would very much like to talk to you. My email address is Robin@retrospect.com and I am the Director of Support services.


As you can imagine, moving from Roxio into the new Retrospect Inc company is a time consuming process. Soon we will have a dedicated Retrospect forum, on the Retrospect domain. Until that time, Roxio has been kind enough to let us share the forum resources.


Yes Retrospect 9 does have an upgrade price associated with it. That upgrade not only includes bug fixes, but it includes new features such as a totally new client and Restore On demand features that customers have requested. We have always offered an ASM program for all customers, that allows you to get free upgrades and support during the contract timeframe.


Thank you


Robin Mayoff

Director, Support Services

Retrospect Inc.

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