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Frustrated: System Degraded So Bad, Can No Longer Backp

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Been wrestling with Retrospect since January. Lately, I have been having more and more trouble with getting a successful backup. Mostly, i have been experiencing hangs while backing up. Then it started with not being able to compare. I get errors from retrospect that there are scsi errors and error -206, cant read-dirty heads etc...


I have tested the mac with the hardware test adn everything is passed. I tested the ATTO card and updated the firmware, all passed. I updated the LTO-5 firmware and the HP tape tools drive assement tests all passed. I have had the system working for a while, of course there have been definitely some issues, but it has been running. I guess these symptoms point at the drive having a problem. Is it possible that something on the pCI buss can cause communication problems like this?


What is left to test?


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.


BTW, im running a mac pro 1,1 dual 2.66 with 6 G ram, and the latest version of Leopard. Atto card is H380 SAS HBA and the drive is an HP LTO-5 Ultrium.

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for a start i would backup to something else, not the tape drive, with a new Mediaset etc..

if that all works, you know that your setup is ok.

Then i would move on to the tape drive.

fist: try new tapes with a complete new Mediaset

before that, have a look in the console, whether there are any errors related to retrospect.



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