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How To Describe a Path-Relative or Absolute?

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I need to set up some variables for sub folders in a script. I need to describe the path and I am wondering if the path name needs to be relative to the enclosing folder, (as I imagine) or does the pather name need to be absolute from the top level?

Also, does the path name need to start with a "/"



....and BTW

Is the printed manual any more specific on details such as this or is it the same as the PDF?

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The printed manual is the same as the PDF


Can you give some specific examples of what you are trying to do? I don't think the mac version of Retrospect allows you to create selectors based on path.


As an example you can exclude some subfolders within a subfolder with:


Enlosing folder exactly matches Users

AND Enclosing folder does not exactly match fred


In this example the all users folder except Fred's are backed up.


Hope that helps


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The file selection criteria condition has access to the full path. You can choose whether to match an absolute or partial path based on how you write the condition.


e.g. enclosing folder path name starts with /Ten/Applications/

file path name contains /Special/


(Natew: the Mac version does support path matching, there is a popup as to whether you are matching the "name" or the "path name".)

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