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Windows Machines Not Backing Up Incrementally

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I have a large number of clients and servers in our retrospect system.


I have been noticing that our windows clients are not backing up incrementally. They are backing up the entire system each and every day. I have all the client settings set to default in the console. Setting "do not backup duplicates" doesnt seem to make any difference. I have also tried rolling back the client version without any change. All of our mac clients are backing up incrementally.


Obviously this makes the backup process a bit slow when it is not backing up incrementally.

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What version of Windows are the clients? Is the script set for "no media action"?


Something about the files is appearing different to Retrospect and causing the files to be re-copied. Are these workstations or servers?



The ones that I am really noticing it on are the windows servers. They are running 2008 R2. The script is set for no media action.

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