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execution errors

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The first full backup with Retrospect 6 ran last night. Below is the log file. I have 2 questions regarding the errors.


1. How do I eliminate these errors from occurring?


2. How do I get rid of this "Execution Errors" window that pops up after the backup is completed? The errors are already reported in the operations log. I don't think I need to see this error twice.







+ Normal backup using 5 day rotation 6.0 at 1/26/2004 8:32 PM

To backup set Backup Set A…


- 1/26/2004 8:32:58 PM: Copying MACDATA…

1/26/2004 9:53:42 PM: Comparing MACDATA…

1/26/2004 11:25:24 PM: Execution completed successfully.

Completed: 24478 files, 62.8 GB

Performance: 753.4 MB/minute (814.3 copy, 700.9 compare)

Duration: 02:52:26 (00:01:48 idle/loading/preparing)


- 1/26/2004 11:25:27 PM: Copying MACDATA2…

1/27/2004 12:30:11 AM: Comparing MACDATA2…

1/27/2004 1:40:06 AM: Execution completed successfully.

Completed: 25795 files, 46.1 GB

Performance: 717.2 MB/minute (741.3 copy, 694.7 compare)

Duration: 02:14:39 (00:03:03 idle/loading/preparing)


- 1/27/2004 1:40:08 AM: Copying Mirror…

1/27/2004 1:50:39 AM: Comparing Mirror…

File “access_log”: different data size (set: 902,589, vol: 933,225), path: “Mirror/private/var/log/cups/access_log”.

File “servermgr_afp.lock”: different data size (set: 113,602, vol: 113,659), path: “Mirror/private/var/servermgrd/servermgr_afp.lock”.

File “servermgr_info.lock”: different data size (set: 110,425, vol: 108,360), path: “Mirror/private/var/servermgrd/servermgr_info.lock”.

File “servermgr_qtss.lock”: different data size (set: 105,783, vol: 105,840), path: “Mirror/private/var/servermgrd/servermgr_qtss.lock”.

File “servermgr_smb.lock”: different data size (set: 114,133, vol: 114,191), path: “Mirror/private/var/servermgrd/servermgr_smb.lock”.

File “servermgr_web.lock”: different data size (set: 198,909, vol: 198,998), path: “Mirror/private/var/servermgrd/servermgr_web.lock”.

1/27/2004 1:59:54 AM: 6 execution errors.

Completed: 45380 files, 1.2 GB

Performance: 138.7 MB/minute (134.5 copy, 143.2 compare)

Duration: 00:19:46 (00:02:34 idle/loading/preparing)


Warning: volume Prepress Backup Archive has the Ignore ownership setting enabled.


- 1/27/2004 1:59:58 AM: Copying Prepress Backup Archive…

1/27/2004 4:26:58 AM: Comparing Prepress Backup Archive…

1/27/2004 7:28:39 AM: Execution completed successfully.

Completed: 10619 files, 87.5 GB

Performance: 552.3 MB/minute (615.0 copy, 501.2 compare)

Duration: 05:28:41 (00:04:24 idle/loading/preparing)


1/27/2004 7:28:41 AM: 6 execution errors.

Total performance: 628.1 MB/minute

Total duration: 10:55:41 (00:11:49 idle/loading/preparing)


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The different data size errors can't be avoided as long as the files are in use and changing during the backup. You are pretty safe ignoring the errors posted here.


I believe you can turn off the error window from the special->preferences->unattended menu. The OSX menu above that should stop the warning about priveleges being turned off.



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Any thoughts on this one? I am duplicating to a different partition, and many of my iphoto files (156) report the execution error relating to file creation dates. They are all off by one hour. DiskWarrior doesn't seem to mind them, as it picks up other problems in the volume header that have date issues.


File “DSC01094.JPG”: different creation date/time (src: 10/26/2003 8:46:19 AM, dest: 10/26/2003 7:46:19 AM), path: “10.2/Users/larryross/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2003/10/26/DSC01094.JPG”.


Above is one of the error entries.


Do I care? Do I ignore? Is there an easy way to fix?



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Great! The errors are gone, including the error pop up window. The only error last night was access_log: different data size.


The reason i wasn't using "quit" in version 5 is because it failed to auto launch properly. Since we're on version 6 now, I changed it last night to "quit" and it auto launched fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this version continues to launch properly.

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Although it's not really on topic for the thread, the answer for your compare errors can be found on this chart:




You can see that October 26, 2003 was the day we "Fell Back" from Daylight Savings Time.


Retrospect has had issues with files created on these DST dates for as long as I've used the product (version 2). Dantz has always said it's an Apple bug/issue, and whatever it is it's made the transition to OS X.



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