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"Exclude" Options-Additonal Choices Don't Seem To Work

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It would seem to me that if I selcted a folder for back up, and then used the "Selecting" options to have Retrospect Desktop to Excludefolders and then I provide the name of folder, it should skip over those within that Folder. This doesn't seem to work, the User Guide doesn't seem to cover this in much detail.

Is there some other procedure I should be following?

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May I ask you to consider the conditon I have created? I want to back up my OS X Library folder, but not some of the folders with in it. I have created a filter to this effect.


Include "Folder" name matches exactly "Library".


in the "exclude" conditions


Exclude "Folder" name matches "Mozilla" and other other conditons.


The other conditions are some other folders. Previously, this led Retrospect to back up everything in the Library folder and it excluded nothing. As I note the activity of this script from yesterday, nothing was was backed up and the back up file was empty.



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Assuming you have defined your users folder as a subvolume create a selector like this using the "Name" criteria:


Enclosing folder does exactly match "Library"

AND Enclosing folder noes NOT exactly match "folder you want to exclude"


You will have to create a separate "AND" condition for each folder you want to exclude.


Hope that helps


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